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Driven by Agile values and fueled by our volunteers’ efforts, here are the Agile Alliance programs and initiatives made possible by your membership. We invite you to learn more about how your membership helps to build a more effective, humane, and sustainable way of work.

Propose an Initiative

The Agile Alliance conducts much of its work via initiatives proposed by members. Some examples of past initiatives are topic-focused workshops, local Agile conferences, and academic research projects.

The primary requirement for any initiative is that it supports the values, goals, and purpose of the Agile Alliance:

  • To provide an unbiased forum within which the community can freely work to discuss, promote, and improve Agile development processes
  • To encourage scientific research on current and potential uses of Agile processes
  • To share information about Agile processes
  • To provide an opportunity for education in Agile processes
  • To provide a medium of communication with user groups in similar areas
  • To provide an opportunity for the formation of programs that further these purposes
  • To assist members in keeping abreast of new information regarding Agile processes as changes and advances occur
  • To communicate information and accomplishments to news media and to specialty magazines serving the field

To develop initiative concepts, please contact our initiatives team with a brief description of the initiative you are proposing, including how the initiative will further the work of the Agile Alliance.

You may wish to download our template for describing new initiatives.

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Member Dues are Increasing on March 1, 2024
Member Dues are Increasing March 1, 2024

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