Research Papers

These research papers are published by Agile Alliance in collaboration with IEEE.

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This research aims to provide more evidence about the impact of human factors in agile software projects. In this light, we have conducted a systematic literature review (SLR) to investigate […]
Much of the empirical research on agile transformations concentrates on the success factors for effective change management. Although these factors are essential in establishing beneficial norms and practices, the existing […]
While Agile approaches have been widely adopted, our theoretical understanding of their foundations and impacts remains limited. This is due to conflating two entirely different meanings of “Agile.” We therefore […]
Agile Software Development (ASD) has been in the mainstream through methodologies such as XP and Scrum enabling them to be applied in the development of complex and reliable software systems. […]
With the popularization of Agile methods for developing and managing software projects, many organizations have been using visual management tools for planning, executing and evaluating their activities. These visual management […]
In Agile software development, key artifacts used to support the process are the User Story (usually recorded on a Storycard) and Story Cardwall (usually a dedicated portion of a wall). […]
Agile software engineering and user-centered design are two important development processes for ensuring that an application has good user experience. However, integrating these two different processes into a single Agile-UX […]
We present a 15-month descriptive case study on a real-world Scrum process transformation from a single-site to a distributed development environment in a medium-sized software development organization in Austria. The […]
Achieving a smooth flow of work through the system is a goal for many teams and organizations that embrace agile and lean approaches. However, the flow of work faces many […]

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