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2015 Research Papers

Synthesizing Continuous Deployment Practices Used in Software Development
Akond Ashfaque Ur Rahman, Eric Helms, Laurie Williams, and Chris Parnin

Stakeholder Perceptions of the Adoption of Continuous Integration—A Case Study
Eero Laukkanen, Maria Paasivaara, and Teemu Arvonen

Understanding Digital Cardwall Usage
Stevenson Gossage, Judith M. Brown, and Robert Biddle

Visual Management and Blind Software Developers
Avelino Ferreira Gomes Filho and Rodrigo de Toledo

The Prevalence of UX Design in Agile Development Processes in Industry
Tina Øvad and Lars Bo Larsen

Managing Technical Debt in Software Projects Using Scrum: An Action Research
Frederico Oliveira, Alfredo Goldman, and Viviane Santos

Explaining Agility with a Process Theory of Change
Michael Wufka and Paul Ralph

Lean CMMI: An Iterative and Incremental Approach to CMMI-Based Process Improvement
Amr Noaman Abdel-Hamid and Alaa El-deen Hamouda

Agile Communicators: Cognitive Apprenticeship to Prepare Students for Communication-Intensive Software Development
Shreya Kumar, Leo C. Ureel II, and Charles Wallace

Predicting Release Time for Open Source Software Based on the Generalized Software Reliability Model
Hironori Washizaki, Kiyoshi Honda, and Yoshiaki Fukazawa

Symbolic Innovation in Agile Transformations
Doug Rose

The Impact of Human Factors on Agile Projects
Aline Chagas, Melquizedequi Santos, Célio Santana, and Alexandre Vasconcelos

Is Agile Portfolio Management Following the Principles of Large-Scale Agile? Case Study in Finnish Broadcasting Company
Yle Maarit Laanti and Mirette Kangas

Development of Complex Software with Agile Method
Alan Braz, Cecília Mary Fisher Rubira, and Marco Vieira

Gap Analysis between State of Practice and State of Art Practices in Agile Software Development
Abdul Rauf and Mohammad AlGhafees

A Lean Design Methodology for Business Models and Its Application to IoT Business Model Development
Masahiro Ide, Yukio Amagai, Mikio Aoyama, and Yasuhiro Kikushima


2014 Research Papers

Adapting to Changes in a Project's DNA: A Descriptive Case Study on the Effects of Transforming Agile Single-Site to Distributed Software Development
Raoul Vallon, Christopher Dräger, Alexander Zapletal, and Thomas Grechenig

Software Kaizen: Using Agile to Form High- Perfomance Software Development Teams
Bernardo Estácio, Rafael, Prikladnicki, Michael Morá, Gabriel Notari, Paulo Caroli, Alejandro Olchik

Work Motivational Challenges Regarding the Interface Between Agile Teams and a Non-Agile Surrounding Organization: A case study
Lucas Gren, Richard Torkar and Robert Feldt

Using Agile Story Points as an Estimation Technique in CMMI Organizations
Alaa El-deen Hamouda

Integrating Agile and User-Centered Design:A Systematic Mapping and Review of Evaluation and Validation Studies of Agile-UX
Gabriela Jurca, Theodore D. Hellmann, and Frank Maurer 

Distributing Expertise in Agile Software Development Projects
Mawarny Md. Rejab, James Noble, and George Allan

Deepening Our Understanding of Communities of Practice in Large-Scale Agile Development
Maria Paasivaara and Casper Lassenius

Impediment Impact Diagrams Understanding the impact of impediments in agile teams and organizations
Ken Power


2014 Lightning Talks Research

AGILEUXModel – Towards a Reference Model on Integrating UX in Developing Software using Agile Methodologies
Angela Peres, Tiago Da Silva, Fernando Selleri Silva, Felipe Furtado Soares, Carlos Rosemberg, Silvio Meira

Agile Methods Adoption on Software Development — a Pilot Review
Caio Cestari Silva and Alfredo Goldman

Network Analysis for Software Patterns including Organizational Patterns in Portland Pattern Repository
Hironori Washizaki, Masashi Kadoya,Yoshiaki Fukazawa and Takeshi Kawamura


2013 Research Papers

Agile Software Development with Distributed Teams: Agility,Distribution and Trust
Siva Dorairaj and James Noble

Proposing Regulatory-Driven Automated Test Suites
Patrick Morrison, Casper Holmgreen, Aaron Massey, and Laurie Williams

Assessing an Organization’s Capability to Effectively Implement Its Selected Agile Method(s): An Objectives, Principles, Strategies Approach
Shvetha Soundararajan, Osman Balci, and James D. Arthur

Agile Testing: A Systematic Mapping across Three Conferences: Understanding Agile Testing in the XP/Agile Universe, Agile, and XP Conferences
Theodore D. Hellmann, Apoorve Chokshi, Zahra Shakeri Hossein Abad, Sydney Pratte, and Frank Maurer

Ten Lessons Learned from Integrating Interaction Design and Agile Development
Tiago Silva da Silva, Milene Selbach Silveira, and Frank Maurer

Analyzing Effectiveness of Workshops for Learning Agile Development Principles
Shota Suzuki, Ryushi Shiohama, Masashi Kadoya, Kazunori Sakamoto, Hironori Washizaki,
and Yoshiaki Fukazawa

System Dynamics Modeling of Agile Continuous Delivery Process
Olumide Akerele, Muthu Ramachandran, and Mark Dixon

"Scrum Code Camps"
Lene Pries-Heje, Jan Pries-Heje, and Bente Dalgaard

Making Scrum Stick in Regulated Industries
Pat Reed, Laszlo Szalvay


2013 Experience Reports

Transforming a Public Sector Company: From Stone Age to Agile
Ardita Karaj and Jason Little

Adapting Agile Methodology to Overcome Social Differences in Project Members
Hitoshi Ozawa and Lan Zhang

Beyond Requirements Dictator: How Agile Helped a Business Analyst Discover Her Real Value
Diane Zajac-Woodie

Big Visible Testing
Claire Moss

Black Swan Farming Using Cost of Delay: Discover, Nurture and Speed Up Delivery of Value
Joshua J. Arnold and Özlem Yüce

Need 4 Speed: Leverage New Metrics to Boost Your Velocity without Compromising on Quality
Raziel Tabib

Continuous Delivery? Easy! Just Change Everything (Well, Maybe It Is Not That Easy)
Steve Neely and Steve Stolt

Refactoring as a Lifeline: Lessons Learned from Refactoring
Amr Noaman Abdel-Hamid

How Writers Can Thrive in Agile
Gavin Austin

Organizational Learning with Open Space
Daniel Mezick

Balls for Africa: The Lean Startup in an African Not-for-Profit Social Enterprise
Paul E. Ellarby

How We Successfully Adapted Agile for a Research-Heavy Engineering Software Team
Alfred A. Lorber and Kyran D. Mish

Driving Quality Improvement and Reducing Technical Debt with the Definition of Done
Noopur Davis

Lean Change: Enabling Agile Transformation through Lean Startup, Kotter and Kanban: An Experience Report
Alexis Hui



Agile's Role in Developing Robust Software Competency at Precor
Brent Barton, Brent Brooks



'Talking the talk': Is intermediate-level conversation the key to the pair programming success story?
Download 2
Sallyann Freudenberg, Pablo Romero, Benedict du Boulay

Automated Recognition of Test-Driven Development with Zorro
Philip Johnson, Hongbing Kou

Agile Development Iterations and UI Design
Robert Biddle, James Noble, Jennifer Ferreira

The Social Nature of Agile Teams
Robert Biddle, Elizabeth Whitworth

Does the XP environment meet the motivational needs of the Software Developer? An Empirical Study
Helen Sharp, Hugh Robinson, Sarah Beecham, Nathan Baddoo, Tracy Hall

The Relationship between Customer Collaboration and Software Project Overruns
Download 2
Kjetil Moløkken-Østvold, Kristian Marius Furulund

The Role of Incremental Change in Agile Software Processes
Download 3
Neal A. Febbraro, Vaclav Rajlich

Towards Extreme(ly) Usable Software: Exploring Tensions Between Usability and Agile Software Development
Download 2
Jason Chong Lee, D. Scott McCrickard

A Longitudinal Study of the Use of a Test-Driven Development Practice in Industry
Laurie Willia ms, Julio Cesar Sanchez, E. Michael Maximilien



AgileEVM – Earned Value Management in Scrum Projects
Tamara Sulaiman, Brent Barton, Thomas Blackburn

Earned Value and Agile Reporting
Anthony Cabri, Mike Griffiths

An Empirical Study of Using Planning Poker for User Story Estimation
Nils C. haugen

Executable Acceptance Tests for Communicating Business Requirements: Customer Perspective
Grigori Melnik, Frank Maurer, Mike Chiasson

On Agile Performance Requirements Specification and Testing
Chih-Wei Ho, Michael J. Johnson, Laurie Williams, and E. Michael Maximilien

Refactoring with Contracts
Maayan Goldstein, Yishai A. Feldman

The Role of Story Cards and the Wall in XP teams: a distributed cognition perspective
Helen Sharp, Hugh Robinson, Judith Segal & Dominic Furniss

A Case Study on the Impact of Customer Communication on Defects in Agile Software Development
Mikko Korkala, Pekka Abrahamsson and Pekka Kyllönen

Reflections on Reflection in Agile Software Development
David Talby, Orit Hazzan, Yael Dubinsky and Arie Keren

Critical Personality Traits in Successful Pair Programming
Joseph Chao and Gulgunes Atli

What Lessons Can the Agile Community Learn from A Maverick Fighter Pilot?
Steve Adolph



Metaphors be with you! (Metaphor System)
Dr. David West, Mathew Solano

Agile Metrics at the Israeli Air Force
Yael Dubinsky, David Talby, Orit Hazzan, Arie Keren

Are We Ready to be Unleashed? A Comparative Analysis between Agile Software Development and War Fighting
Steve Adolph

Agile Security Testing of Web-Based Systems via HTTPUnit
A. Tappenden, P. Beatty, J. Millerv, A. Geras, M. Smith

Social Behaviors on XP and non-XP teams: A Comparative Study
Jan Chong

Organisational culture and XP: three case studies
Hugh Robinson & Helen Sharp

Clashes between Culture and Software Development Methods: The Case of the Israeli Hi-Tech Industry and Extreme Programming
Orit Hazzan, Yael Dubinsky

A Case Study on the Impact of Scrum on Overtime and Customer Satisfaction
Chris Mann, Frank Maurer

An Environment for Collaborative Iteration Planning
Download 2
Lawrence Liu, Hakan Erdogmus, and Frank Maurer

Future of Scrum: Parallel Pipelining of Sprints in Complex Projects
Jeff Sutherland, Ph.D.



An Initial Exploration of the Relationship Between Pair Programming and Brooks’ Law
Laurie Williams, Anuja Shukla, Annie Antón

Exploring Extreme Programming in Context: An Industrial Case Study
Laurie Williams, Lucas Layman, Lynn Cunningham

The XP Customer Role in Practice: Three Studies
Angela Martin, Robert Biddle, James Noble

Agile Methods for Large Organizations – Building Communities of Practice
Tuomo Kähkönen

Direct Verbal Communication as a Catalyst of Agile Knowledge Sharing
Grigori Melnik, Frank Maurer



YP and Urban Simulation: Applying an Agile Programming Methodology in a Politically Tempestuous Domain
Download 2
Alan Borning, Bjorn Freeman-Benson

XP Culture: Why the twelve practices both are and are not the most significant thing
Helen Sharp, Hugh Robinson

PARFAIT: Towards a Framework-based Agile Reengineering Process
Maria Istela Cagnin, José Carlos Maldonado, Fernão Stella Germano, Rosangela Penteado

Observations on Balancing Discipline and Agility
Barry Boehm, Richard Turner

Throwing Down the Gauntlet: Finding a Place for Discount Usability Engineering in Agile Development
David Kane

Test Driven Development and the Scientific Method
Rick Mugridge