Development of Complex Software with Agile Method


Agile Software Development (ASD) has been on mainstream through methodologies such as XP and Scrum enabling them to be applied in the development of complex and reliable software systems. This paper is the end result of the Master’s dissertation of the main author, and proposes a solution to guide the development of complex systems based on components by adding exceptional behavior modeling practices to Scrum, resulting in the Scrum+CE method (Scrum with Exceptional Behavior).

In order to evaluate the proposed method, a synthetic controlled experiment was conducted with three groups.We compared the efficiency of the new process in relation to plain Scrum and the results were the production of a better quality software but with less features implemented during the same amount of time.

Alan Braz
IBM Research – Brazil
Avenida Tut´oia 1157, 04007-005
S˜ao Paulo, SP, Brazil

Cec´ılia M. F. Rubira
Institute of Computing
State University of Campinas
P.O. Box 6176, 13083-852,
Campinas, SP, Brazil

Marco Vieira
Department of Informatics
University of Coimbra
3030, Coimbra, Portugal