Agile In Color


The overall goal of this initiative is to provide targeted career and professional development opportunities for global POC members of the Agile Alliance community. These learning opportunities will be primarily focused on mentoring and coaching.

Through this initiative our mission is to create spaces for and spotlight global POC coaches, trainers, and thought leaders in the Agile community. We also hope to inspire the next generation of global POC Agile leaders.

Main Activities:

  • Creating mentoring circles specifically targeting Black Agilists, but open to all members of the Agile Alliance community.
  • Offer learning opportunities targeting Black Agilists, but open to all members of the Agile Alliance community.
  • Providing speaking opportunities for Black Agilists who have aspirations of being a thought leader in the Agile community.
  • Generating speaking opportunities specifically highlighting the experiences of Black Agilists in the Agile community.
  • Advocating on behalf of Black Agilists to be invited to speak at conferences, meetups, podcasts, and other media related media.

Possible Future Activities:

  • Creating of a conference that highlights the impact of Black Agilists within the Agile community and across multiple industries.
    • Banking / Finance
    • Energy
    • Healthcare
    • Insurance
    • News/Media
    • Non-Profit
    • Tech
  • Offering Community outreach to high-school and college-aged students to explain what Agile is and promote career opportunities available to them.

Agile In Color

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