At Agile Alliance, we’re always on the lookout for people who would like to share their experiences and lessons learned from exploring and applying Agile values, principles, and practices.

In our quest to be the “big tent” of the Agile community, we provide several ways for you to contribute knowledge. These opportunities include presenting at one of our events, sharing your story via an experience report, or offering tips and techniques in a blog post.

If you’re an Agile Alliance Member and would like to share your ideas with the Agile community on our blog, please read on! If you’d like to learn more about becoming a member, please click here.

We’re looking for content that’s relevant

Agile Alliance welcomes articles that inform our readers about Agile practices and how to implement them.

Do you have an effective way for teams to work well together? Have you discovered a method that enables your organization to make better decisions about what they do or do not work on? Have you perfected the process your teams use to design, develop, and deploy software? Have you figured out how to improve communication among diverse, dispersed groups of people? These are all great topics.

The latest online money-making scheme or goofy cat videos? Not so much. (Well, if the cats are being Agile, we may give the video a second glance. No, not really.)

Finding Good Topics

If you’re looking for some additional ideas for good topics, check our glossary to see some of the things our readers are interested in.

A good way to find subtopics on those main glossary terms is to go the Google, type in a main term like “definition of done,” and then see what Google suggests around that by literally going through the alphabet before and after the term, or putting question words before the term. Here’s an example:

We’re looking for content that’s practical

Our audience really appreciates tips and techniques that they can immediately try at their organization.

While a little theory to help understand why something works the way it does may be interesting, our readers are practitioners who are really looking for stories about what you’ve tried that works. They’re also interested in hearing about what you’ve tried that doesn’t work, especially when you explore what you learned and what you’d do differently the next time.

We’ve also found that informative, practical content that explains how to solve specific problems is more useful than content that mainly aims to tear down some other’s ideas. We’d like to be a big tent, not an exclusive club.

We’re looking for content that’s well-written

Having a good story to tell is one thing. When you can convey it in an effective manner, that’s even better.

We give everything you submit an editing pass, but the better you structure it and write it, the less editing we’ll need to do, the happier we’ll be, and frankly the more likely we will be to publish your post.

Guidelines for your post

Only Agile Alliance individual members can guest post on our blog.

In addition to the general qualities above, we have a few additional guidelines for the content you submit that we’ll consider when deciding whether to publish your post.

  • Please submit new content that has not been published previously.
  • If you have links that are relevant to the message you’re conveying by all means include them. Just don’t go overboard. Use your better judgement.
  • We want content that helps our readers solve a problem they face or educates them about a new technique. Posts must not be blatantly self-promoting. We include your bio at the bottom of each post so you’ll be able to share a bit of information about who you are and what you do. If you have a good message and share it in an effective way, that will speak volumes.
  • We don’t have any hard and fast length restrictions. Make the content the length it needs to be to properly convey your message without rambling too much.

How to submit your post to the Agile Alliance Blog

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