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Agile Alliance encourages members to volunteer for initiatives. Participate in Agile Alliance and give back to the community. Review the current volunteer opportunities and sign up below.

Initiatives seeking volunteers

5 Saturdays Initiative

The 5 Saturdays Initiative connects with non-profit organizations and other groups to provide a learning experience for high school and college students in Agility using Scrum and Kanban, blended with career-focused skills in technology and business. Learn more about this initiative.

Agile Product Management Initiative

Our vision is to be the leading forum for learning, sharing, and promoting the application of Agile principles and practices to product management so we can make better products in better ways.  Sign up to volunteer and Learn more about this initiative.

Community Group Support Initiative

The Community Group Support Initiative provides support to new, active, and struggling local Agile community groups in order to:
Build a stronger learning community of community groups worldwide, improve the success of community groups in their local communities, and
forge better connections between community groups within Agile Alliance. Learn more about this initiative.

Emerging Economies Initiative

The Emerging Economies initiative provides economically emerging economies with affordable access to premium Agile events and speakers. Sign up to volunteer and Learn more about this initiative.

Experience Reports Initiative

The  Experience Report initiative promotes the writing and timely sharing of firsthand Agile experiences. The primary activity of the Agile Experience Report initiative is to recruit potential authors from a broad and diverse group of authors from the Agile community and aid them to write short (6-8 pages) insightful reports about their experiences. Reports are published on the Agile Alliance website and authors are invited to present their report at an upcoming Agile conference.

We are currently looking for volunteers  to review proposals for experience reports and help and encourage authors in the role of shepherd/advocate. Each experience report has a shepherd.

A shepherd works closely with their authors, reviewing drafts and freely giving constructive advice. They ask clarifying questions and suggest improvements.The time it takes to shepherd a report can vary as some authors start with a well-formed story and quickly write a first draft while others need more time and guidance time to find their writing rhythm. Learn more about this initiative

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