Support for Individual Community Members


Speakers Directory

The Speakers Directory lists Agile Alliance conference speakers, providing extra exposure to speakers looking to widen their net, and a list of high-quality speakers for those interested in running an Agile event.

Support for Community Groups


Community Group Support Initiative

The Community Group Initiative provides support to new, active, and struggling local Agile community groups.


Speaker Reimbursement Initiative

Supporting agile-oriented users’ groups by offering them grants that can be used to reimburse speakers traveling to events if the user group can’t find sponsorship from any other source.

Support for Community Events


Agile Coach Camp Support Initiative

Helping improve the skills of Agile Coaches so that they are well equipped to help organizations and their teams effectively apply Agile values and principles in their work.


Agile Open Initiative

Supporting and encouraging Open Space Technology (OST) events in the Agile software arena.


Conference Sponsorship Initiative

Supporting organizers of non profit conferences that promote the concepts of Agile software development.