Building the Competitive Advantage with Agile

The usage of the Agile mindset and methods had become a competitive advantage for a number of companies over the past ten years. They have achieved this success by understanding that successful Agile development teams need the proper support and understanding from leadership and supporting organizations. This includes groups like sales and marketing, finance, human resources, and leadership at all levels. By leveraging Agile practices, these companies are able to achieve a higher level of business agility as well as a greater return on their improvement efforts.

This Agile Alliance initiative is focused on the support of our members by identifying and sharing methods to amplify the proper adoption of the Agile mindset and methods in the enterprise. The programs this initiative is currently sponsoring are:

Business Agility Webinar/Podcast Series – a monthly webinar that connects business leaders to the Agile community to share perspectives and insight into how Agile works within a business. You can learn more about the next webinar here.

The Agile Narrative Project – an ongoing worldwide narrative-based retrospective of Agile and business. The goal of the program is to identify both positive and negative stories from our community and to work to amplify what makes Agile work well for business. You are welcome to participate by entering a story here.

Agile Coaching Network Live Event and Podcast – a monthly webcast that enables you to learn and share with other Agile practitioners. The goal is for attendees to give or get advice on what worked when doing an Agile adoption within their companies. It is hosted by Ray Arell and is regularly attended by many new and experienced Agile practitioners. You are welcome to register here.

The Business Agility Working Group – a group of current and former business leaders who are helping to set the direction for this initiative. The group members also volunteer and assist in project work. Current members are Ray Arell, speaker and Agile coach; Hendrik Esser, Manager Special Projects at Ericsson; Shawna Cullinan, Enterprise Agile Coach at Paciolan; and Rhea Stadick, Enterprise Agile Transformation Expert at Nike.