Agile Alliance Board of Directors

The Agile Alliance board is comprised of Agile thought leaders from a variety of backgrounds. They share their passion to deliver software better every day with Agile professionals around the world.

2016 Board Members

“This is an exciting time for Agile Alliance as we continue to grow at a rapid rate. We are committed to advancing the breadth and depth of Agile adoptions globally. I am delighted to work with the board as we continue to nurture those who explore and apply Agile principles and practices in order to make the software profession more productive, humane and sustainable.”

~ Phil Brock, Managing Director

Agile Alliance Board of Directors 2016

This photo of the 2016 board of directors was taken at a face-to-face meeting in Costa Rica in February, 2016.

Top from left: Stephanie Davis (USA), Victor Hugo Germano (Brazil), and Linda Cook (Treasurer, USA)

Middle from left: Paul Hammond (England), Shane Hastie (Secretary, New Zealand), Phil Brock (Managing Director, USA), Ola Ellnestam (Sweden), and Rebecca Parsons (Chair, USA)

Bottom from left: Declan Whelan (Canada) and Juan Banda (Bolivia)