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Agile Alliance New Zealand

Welcome to Agile Alliance New Zealand!

Agile Alliance New Zealand is a volunteer-run not-for-profit society incorporated under New Zealand law as an affiliate of the global Agile Alliance.  We align with the mission of the Agile Alliance and embrace the Agile Manifesto as our foundational Values and Principles.

Our purpose is to create and sustain a nationwide community, independent of commercial drivers or any specific method/framework, guided by and actively advocating for the values and principles of the the Agile Manifesto

We strive to

  • Keep the discussion and exploration of all things agile a true community activity rather than being led by commercial interests (sponsorship is OK, buying speaking time isn’t)
  • Establish a community that spans the whole country and is able to draw on ideas from everywhere, bringing like-minded people to explore, examine and expand what it means to “be agile” in all aspects of the NZ software industry

We support the formation of local Agile community groups across the country and will provide resources, guidance and assistance in whatever way we can to help those groups be successful.

We will run local initiatives to further the adoption of Agile thinking and will leverage the global initiatives in order to support the local community.

We believe that there are many benefits for the New Zealand software community from having a local affiliate of the Agile Alliance:

  • Access to international content
  • Access to speakers
  • Contribution to the development of knowledge assets
  • Access to an international network
  • Grow and expand the Agile community
  • Avoid/reduce fragmentation of the Agile community in New Zealand
  • Raise the profile of our software development community to attract more people
  • Help make knowledge work more productive, humane and sustainable
  • Improve business to grow the economy

For more information and to get involved please contact us at [email protected] or @AgileAllianceNZ

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