Who We Are

Office Bearers of the Board of the Agile Alliance New Zealand

Charlotte Hinton


An experienced scrum master and agile coach. Charlotte works closely with teams and across organisations to see where and how agile, scrum, lean and kanban can work for them. Having worked on both client and vendor sides, she brings great insights into the dynamics of internal and multi-layered teams. Truly dedicated to the cause, outside of work she’s Treasurer of Agile Alliance Aotearoa and a coordinator of the AgileWelly meetup.


Jeremy Lawson


As an agile coach with Double-O Jeremy is passionate about helping teams do better business through Product Lean Agility and Systems Thinking.

He brings his good and bad experiences with tech, business, projects, training, and ways of working together to nurture that growth.

Jeremy extends this passion by giving back to the community through mentoring and helping lead Agile Christchurch, Agile Alliance NZ, Product Aotearoa.


Leon Maritz


I am a software developer, Scrum Master and speaker. I have worked in small and large organisations in tech industries in both South Africa and New Zealand. My skill set includes Web, Business Intelligence and have a range of other related technical and soft skills.

In Christchurch, New Zealand, I have been an organiser for the Agile community over the last 10 years. I have collaboratively run the local Agile conference three times and supported other conferences all over the South and North Island.