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  • Agile Q&A: How is Testing Incorporated into Agile Software Development?
    A look at the role of testing in Agile software development.
  • Agile Q&A: Agile Beyond Software
    This is part of a series of posts where I take a look at some commonly asked questions and provide my spin on them.  The answers are all my own. So while my answers do not necessarily reflect the policy or positions of Agile Alliance, I’ll point to some relevant resources on that either […]
  • Safeguarding Your Way to Improving Your Code, Your Processes, and Your Life!
      Hi, my name is Brian Button. I’m one of the people who helped put together deliver:Agile 2019. I wanted to share with you one of the sessions I’m really looking forward to seeing. Arlo Belshee, the presenter for this workshop, is well known in the Agile world for his challenging and deep takes on […]
  • Agile Q&A: What Do Business Analysts Do on an Agile Team?
    I have the opportunity to talk to business analysts quite a bit, and the conversation usually turns to the topic of Agile. More often than not, the question that comes up is “there isn’t a business analyst role mentioned in Scrum. Does that mean that there is no place for business analysts?” The short answer […]
  • Excited About Cutting-Edge Technologies? Don’t Miss These 5 Sessions at deliver:Agile 2019!
    You and I attend tech conferences for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes we're learning something new and want to immerse ourselves in an event about that technology. Or sometimes we go because that's where our community of friends and colleagues hang out and we like getting together. And sometimes we're curious about "what's next" in […]
  • Agile Q&A: Team Qualities
    I recently received a question about the basic qualities Agile teams should have via the website. I replied with a reader’s digest version to the requester and promised a more complete answer in a blog post.  Here’s that more complete answer. Basic qualities for an Agile team What are basic qualities should Agile teams have? […]
  • Agile Q&A: Activities for a New Team
    What activities do you suggest when starting a new team? When forming a new team, you want to make sure you can get them started off on the right foot. There are several different ways to do that and the ones you pick are going to depend on a variety of factors, including (but not […]

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