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Agile practitioners regularly share their knowledge, experience, and ideas through practical talks and workshops. Register today for one of these upcoming learning events, then check our schedule to take part in other great upcoming sessions.

Agile Coaching Network

Agile Coaching Network

Friday, January 27

Please join us for the Agile Coaching Network (ACN), a free monthly live webcast that enables you to learn and share with other Agile practitioners.

Agile Alliance Presents Game On!

Game On!

Wednesday, February 1

Experience applied learning with Agile games and exercises that can help to create “aha!” moments for yourself, your teams, and those that lead them.

Agile2023 Orlando


July 24-28, 2023

Our annual conference is dedicated to exploring, innovating, and advancing Agile values and principles, and creating a space for people and ideas to flourish.

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Agile Alliance Networking

Networking and Community Development

We support a network of over 200 community groups to connect you with other professionals interested in the topics you care about. We can also help you establish your own Agile community group.

Agile Alliance Diversity and Equity

Member Advocacy

We care about and advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion in workplaces where people demonstrate compassion and empathy. Join other members who are working together to address these complex and important issues.

Agile Alliance Online Events

Educational Conferences and Online Events

We create and support events to enhance your professional skills and improve industry practices. As well as hosting unmatched conferences, such as Agile2022 and XP2022, and free monthly member events, we support hundreds of Agile conferences, events, and meetups worldwide.

Agile Alliance Online Resources

Large Library of Online Resources and Training

As a member, you can access one of the largest online libraries of Agile resources to help build your knowledge and accelerate your application of the Agile mindset and practices. You can also contribute to this collection of articles and recordings to help others looking for info or inspiration.

Advancing Agile Practices

Advancing Agile Methods and Practices

Agile has grown beyond software development and is now being adapted and used in other industries. Agile Alliance members share knowledge based on their experiences bringing agility into management, finance, education, manufacturing, and other non-software spaces.

Agile Alliance Member Advocacy

Member Code of Conduct

Our goal is to build a safe and healthy Agile community for everyone. This is why all participants at Agile Alliance and affiliated events agree and adhere to our code of conduct.

Agile Alliance Member Initiatives

Driven by Agile values and fueled by our volunteers’ efforts, here are some recent Agile Alliance programs and initiatives made possible by your membership. View them all now.

Agile Alliance Career Center

Finding the right person for your position is more difficult than ever. But Agile Alliance is here to help with our new Career Center – your one-stop destination for career and staffing resources. Whether you’re an Agile coach navigating your career journey or an HR manager seeking to recruit and retain talent in a highly competitive marketplace, our specialized job board and resources can deliver both individual and organizational success. > Learn more

Learn from Agile Alliance contributors

Expand your knowledge, stay up-to-date, or rekindle your inspiration through articles by some of the top practitioners in our industry – our members and staff. We invite you to explore the hundreds of posts written by members of our community.

Game On Agile Karaoke

Making “ish” up with Agile karaoke

Hosted by April Jefferson and Ellen Grove, our “Agile Karaoke” Game On event was a great success with fun and learning had by all! Learn more about applied learning with Agile games.

Is the Agile Coach Camp for you?

Is an Agile Coach Camp for you?

The magic behind the format of a coach camp lies in the fact that the topics emerge from the attendees’ needs and curiosity, which adds deeper learning to the experience.

Smaller stories help teams deliver more efficiently, more reliably, and more happily while simultaneously improving the experience for all stakeholders involved, including the end-user. 

Why you need your user stories to fit into one sprint

Smaller stories help teams deliver more efficiently, more reliably, and more happily while simultaneously improving the experience for all stakeholders involved, including the end-user. 

Immersion Day in Agile – Costa Rica banner

Immersion Day on Agile – Costa Rica

Many have attended a conference or event that was a transforming, eye-opening experience. Whether it happened at the beginning or at some point along our Agile journey, we are lucky and blessed to have had that experience.

Snowbird mountains banner

An interview with outgoing Board Member Ellen Grove

An interview with Ellen Grove about what it was like to serve on the Agile Alliance board, including the highs and lows, some surprising things they learned, and more.

What is the value of Agile Coaches

What’s the value proposition of coaches?  

Learn how to sell yourself to organizations that don’t understand the value of coaches or that might be looking to do away with them when times are tough.

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