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Whether you are at the start of your Agile journey or have years of experience shaping workplace change, Agile Alliance has something for you. We create opportunities to develop your knowledge, share your ideas and connect with others so you can help your organization build customer value. Join today for just $59 and take advantage of the great events and resources available exclusively for our members.

We support a network of nearly 300 community groups to connect you with other professionals interested in the topics you care about. We can also help you establish your own Agile community group.

We care about and advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion in workplaces where people demonstrate compassion and empathy. Join other members who are working together to address these complex and important issues.

We create and support events to enhance your professional skills and improve industry practices. As well as hosting unmatched conferences, such as Agile2024, and free online monthly member events, we support hundreds of Agile conferences, events, and meetups worldwide.

As a member, you can access one of the largest online libraries of Agile resources to help build your knowledge and accelerate your application of the Agile mindset and practices. You can also contribute to this collection of articles and recordings to help others looking for info or inspiration.

Agile has grown beyond software development and is now being adapted and used in other industries. Agile Alliance members share knowledge based on their experiences bringing agility into management, finance, education, manufacturing, and other non-software spaces.

Our goal is to build a safe and healthy Agile community for everyone. This is why all participants at Agile Alliance and affiliated events agree and adhere to our code of conduct.

Since 2001, Agile Alliance has been informing and inspiring people and organizations as they explore, apply and expand the values, principles, and practices outlined in the Agile Manifesto.

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When you join, you’re not just supporting our mission, you also gain access to an extensive library of Agile resources like research papers, event sessions, experience reports, and videos that can inform your work and enhance your career. As a corporate member, you not only gain these benefits for your employees, but you stand among industry leaders who champion Agile values and principles and who value creating effective, humane, and sustainable workplaces.

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We bring the Agile community together on an international scale. As a member of Agile Alliance, you are connected to a global community of people working to improve the world by improving the way people work. Our global reach allows you to draw on ideas and expertise from across the globe, exposing you to diverse perspectives and solutions. Our events, resources, and network invite you to explore new approaches and apply Agile thinking to build outstanding business outcomes.

Agile International Meetings

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Agile practitioners regularly share their knowledge, experience, and ideas through practical talks and workshops. Register today for one of these upcoming learning events, then check our schedule to take part in other great upcoming sessions.

July 22, 2024
Join passionate Agilists from around the world in Dallas, July 22-26 for the world's premier Agile conference to learn about the latest practices, ideas, and strategies in Agile software development from the world’s leading experts, change agents, and innovators.
Agile Executive Forum
July 23, 2024
The Agile Executive Forum will bring senior leaders together to learn, share experiences, and make new professional connections – all within the Agile2024 conference. Discover how the Agile community's strengths and experiences have made a significant impact across industries worldwide.
Agile2024 – The European Experience
July 24, 2024
Agile2024, Agile Alliance’s annual conference, is dedicated to exploring, innovating, and advancing Agile values and principles, and creating a space for people and ideas to flourish. Agile2024 – The European Experience is a parallel event in Manchester, England from July 24-26.

Recent Posts from the Agile Alliance Blog

Expand your knowledge, stay up-to-date, or rekindle your inspiration through articles by some of the top practitioners in our industry – our members and staff. We invite you to explore the hundreds of posts written by members of our community.

Recent Blog Posts

Expand your knowledge, stay up-to-date, or rekindle your inspiration through articles by some of the top practitioners in our industry – our members and staff. We invite you to explore the hundreds of posts written by members of our community.

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