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Agile Alliance expands the breadth and depth of Agile by providing an ever-growing collection of resources covering a variety of topics in many different formats and media. Have a question about an Agile principle, practice, or premise? Chances are you’ll find it in one of the topics below. You can either look in the listing by topic or try the search in the upper right-hand corner of this and every other page on the site.

Agile Resources – Agile Essentials

Agile Essentials

Agile Essentials is a collection of resources designed to bring you up to speed on the concepts and principles of Agile with introductory articles like Agile 101, introductory videos, Agile glossary terms, and more. This section also includes foundational content like the Agile Manifesto and the 12 Principles of Agile.


In addition to building the thing right, you want to make sure you’re building the right thing and setting your organization up to focus on the right thing across the entire enterprise. Our business-focused resources contain content related to customers, product management, product ownership, analysis, user experience, and business agility.


There are many different ways to introduce Agile into your organization by a variety of frameworks. Our framework resources explore the different Agile frameworks including Scrum, Extreme Programming, Kanban, SAFe, DAD, LeSS, and several others.


The one consistent thing across different Agile frameworks and techniques is they all share a common mindset. Our mindset resources provide different ways of looking at Agile values and principles and their impact on your organization’s culture.


A hallmark of Agile is its care for and focus on the people who do the work and a concern for how they work together. Our people resources explore leadership, coaching, mentoring, learning, collaboration, and teams.


Agile is a mindset, but anytime you get groups of people working together you eventually need some form of process. Our process resources explore process-related concepts such as scaling Agile, enterprise Agile, government, project management, program management, portfolio management, adoption, and Agile transformation.


At its core, Agile software development is still about developing software, which is just as much about technical practices as it is about people. Our technology resources explore development practices, craft, testing, and DevOps.


Agile Alliance exists to support and grow the Agile community. Our community resources cover news and events taking place in that space.

The Alliance

We prefer to keep the focus on you, but occasionally we like to let you know what we’re up to.  Our alliance resources feature events organized by Agile Alliance, Agile Alliance initiatives, and information about the Agile Alliance website.

Resources Organized by Type

Blog Posts

Read the latest and greatest articles from the Agile community — how-tos, best practices, and more! Our blog posts are written by our members for the community.  If you’re an Agile Alliance member and would like to share your ideas, please consider submitting a guest post.

Agile Glossary

Have you ever heard a term thrown about by an Agile team and wondered what it meant? Take a look at the Agile Glossary for definitions of common terms used in Agile settings.

Experience Reports

It’s often said that experience is the best teacher.  Even if you haven’t had the opportunity to learn from your own experience, that doesn’t mean you can’t learn from the experience of others. Look through our experience reports collected by the the Agile Alliance Experience Report Program.

Event Sessions

Members of the Agile community gather regularly to share their ideas, experiences, and lessons learned at our conferences.  Even if you couldn’t make it to these events, you can still gain some of the knowledge shared through our event session videos and slides.  Subscribers can see some event session content. Members can see it all.


In addition to videos of event sessions, we record all of the Keynotes from our events which you can see here, as well as a collection of interviews, lightning talks, and panel discussions.


Prefer to learn through listening? Check out our growing collection of Podcasts.


Browse our listing of Agile-related books written by Agile Alliance members or recommended by our community.


Want to get an in depth understanding of an Agile topic or searching for the theoretical backing of what you’ve seen in practice? Explore the research papers presented at past Agile Alliance conferences.