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At its core, Agile software development is still about developing software, which is just as much about technical practices as it is about people. Our technology resources explore development practices, craft, testing, and DevOps.

How to sell a big refactor or rewrite to the business
Event Session
In the world of software development, dealing with legacy code had often been a necessary evil, especially for successful, fast-growing companies. The design stamina hypothesis suggested that legacy code was a sign of success, not…
Product Manager and Product Owner Superpowers with ChatGPT
Event Session
Discover the transformative power of AI on Product Management and Product Ownership roles. We’ll delve into how the use of AI, specifically ChatGPT, can give you new superpowers: Everything from streamlining tasks to learning and …
Know Python? See AI as attractive? Then learn Mojo
Event Session
If you know the Python programming language, there’s a good chance you also know there is a rich collection of libraries and tools related to Machine Learning commonly used to apply Python to AI endeavors. Python is known to be si…
The Future of Work – Agile, AI, and You
Event Session
With the rapid pace of change in artificial intelligence, how should Agilists inspect and adapt? What will be the relationship between humans and AI in this next chapter in the world of work? In this Fishbowl session, experts w…
Defining an Agile Software Architecture
Event Session
Session Info What is an Agile software architecture? How do architectural considerations relate to both the technical and non-technical aspects of software development? The Agile Manifesto begins by saying, “We are uncoverin…
Getting Things Done with Mob Programming
Event Session
What causes you to wait? What causes re-work? Andy Kwong, Rei Pamintuan, Aaron Griffith, and Austin Chadwick share not only horror stories of things not getting done in their past, but also joyous stories of things …
Keeping it real with BDD
Event Session
Business and tech people often speak different languages, which makes sense because they have different mindsets. While this enables them to be good at their very different jobs, it also makes it harder for them to understand each…
Strawberry Jam with Tasty Lumps
Event Session
The processes that have grown up around “Agile” are all capable of being spread too thin, of being understood so poorly that they deliver only mediocre results at best. They can’t provide the joy in the work that the Agile Manifes…
Security – Past, Present, Future
Event Session
In our May 2021 event celebrating 20 years of Agile technical practices, we rediscovered some forgotten facts from the early days of Agile. We were reminded that security professionals have been part of the Agile community since t…
Microservices Will Save Your Life and Other Lies
Event Session
The software development industry is often the home of grandiose claims, that framework X will change how we all write software, that process Y will solve all of our software development woes, that technology Z will change the wor…

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