Agile Coach Camp Worldwide Initative

The Purpose of this Initiative is to help continuously Improve the skills of Agile Coaches so that they are well equipped to help organizations and their teams effectively apply Agile values and principles in their work. Direct Support from Agile Alliance fosters greater awareness and transparency around the world among those in this vital role.

Main Activities

  • Offer marketing assistance to ensure coaches are aware of regional Agile Coach Camps in their area
  • Help ACCWW organizers connect with the Open Space facilitators needed for events, particularly if using Open Space as the format.
  • Provide historical information and contact details for current/prior organizers to new Camp organizers to promote knowledge sharing
  • Create a focal point for the Agile Coaching community so that they know where and how to improve their skills on an ongoing basis
  • Provide financial support in the form of sponsorship based on current financials of the Agile Alliance; requests will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis by members of the Agile Coach Camp (ACC) Support Initiative.

Possible Future Activities

  • Provide an account that links ACCWW ticket sales and sponsorships to streamline financial management and execution
  • Provide a space where artifacts of proceedings and retrospectives can be captured and/or linked so that discussions, decisions, and recommendations are visible and transparent to coaches and non-coaches alike
  • Assist with non-coach outreach to foster their participation in areas such as psychology, organizational development, and communication
  • Offer an infrastructure through which coaches can communicate and support one another between camps
  • Educate would-be coaches about the various paths they can take to become Agile coaches themselves
  • Present a ACCWW before or after each Agile20xx conference

Agile Coach Camp Worldwide Volunteering

Greetings, thanks for showing interest in the Agile Coach Camp Worlwide
Initiative. We look for help in the upcoming advertised City. Depending on
that location, you will be working with local representatives as well as myself
to run the Camp. There are a variety of types of activities that are needed
from finding and booking a suitable venue to manning the registration deks
and keeping up with any trash being created. The following questions will
help us in determining the help you could possibly provide.

Agile Coach Camp Worldwide Volunteers

  • Have you been to Agile Coach Camp before? Describe your experiences and what you liked and didn’t like about them