Agile Community Development in India is spearheaded by Deepti Jain, assisting the community of Lean-Agile Leaders, Learners, and Experts: guided and supported by Agile Alliance. This effort aligns with Agile Alliance’s mission and embraces the Agile Manifesto as its foundational Values and Principles.

The goal is to create and sustain a nationwide community — independent of commercial drivers or any specific method or framework — guided by and actively advocating for the values and principles of the Manifesto. This community will build leaders and change agents in India, shape the culture of the country, help its industries achieve a true Agile mindset, and offer opportunities to change agents and leaders of the world to use their knowledge and skills to help each other and create a multicultural learning and growth platform for all.

Deepti’s Building Future Leaders and Change Agents Initiative is a subset of this program.