The Agile India Community

Inspired by the work done by Agile Alliance, and intending to meet the needs of the India Agile Community, we are building programs with local members and community leaders, and you are most welcome to join us in working on these initiatives and programs or even propose new ones.

India Agile Community Initiatives intend to fulfill a vision and establish a plan of execution for the same, whereas India Agile Community Programs have defined objectives and an execution plan.

AgilityToday Fest

AgilityToday is a multi-month Agility-enabling Fest, hosting multiple Agility-enabling spaces, which target different needs of Organizations.


  • Expert sessions, workshops, case studies
  • Coach Camp, Bootcamp, Open Space, Open House, Leadership Round Table to experience value generation from CoPs and develop leadership skills
  • DevOps, Product Thinking, Chaos Engineering, Enterprise & Org Excellence, Leadership, Coaching, Visual Thinking, Training & Facilitation, Testing/QA, Audit, Security, Cloud, Virtualization, Latest Industry & Technology Developments, ITES, Ops & Support
  • Mentoring from Industry Leaders and Mentors. Facilitation with Dojo, Kata, Lean Coffee, Pecha-Kucha AMAs, Visual Learning, and gamification.


Agilists, Coaches, SMs, PO/PMs & Change Agents, Managers, S/VPs, Directors, CXOs, Tech Leads, Testers, Ops & Support, Systems, S/W, Security, HR, Testing & QA, Change Agents, PO/PM, Top, Middle and First-line management including Leadership, Managers, Department heads, Team Leads, Supervisors, Planning, HR, Operations and Accounts for Large, Medium and Small Companies and Start-ups, Product Owners/Managers, BAs Design thinkers, UX Designers & Product leaders, Evangelists, Senior, Mid and First line professionals in tech including VPs, CTOs, Directors of Tech, Developers, team leads, etc in DevOps, CI/CD, Cloud, Microservices, Digital Transformation and more.


(These events are Free for All)


(These are paid and In-Person events happening in INDIA, Call for Proposals is open for the following events)

Upcoming Events

India Agile Initiatives

The Rainbow Of Our World

Our world always talked as if it was black and white but the matter of fact is nothing is black and while, there are so many shades and gradients to it. WIth this initiative we will bring forward the stories of our LGBTQIA+ siblings who made a difference to lives of everyone, specially those the less heard voices. We will also work with them on the causes which are close to their hearts.

Building Local Leaders & Communities of Practices

The purpose of this initiative is to support and make available Agile Alliance resources to new, active, or struggling local communities of practices across the country.

Women in Agile and Tech

This initiative seeks to bridge the gap between women and non-binary voices by creating a platform to amplify this diverse and empowered community while providing a path to support.

Agility Beyond Boundaries

In this time of pandemic when COVID-19 is forcing us all to unite and retrospect on how we can make a better world and help each other, we invite all organizations to help mankind in creating a sustainable symbiotic ecosystem.

India Agile Programs

6-week Mentorship Program

This 6-week mentorship program, in association with the AgilityToday Unconference, helps women seek and offer mentorship in areas that can help them excel in their profession and assist with their personal growth.

Agility A to Z

The goal of this program is to run monthly webinars and workshops to impart knowledge about Agility-enabling practices, postulates, and proven techniques. Set to take place the first weekend of each month, we welcome all Agility-seekers — from novices to experts — who would like to join us.

Gamify It

This program helps Agilists, Leaders, and Change Agents learn, discover, and share Serious Games at Work via regular events and workshops on the second weekend of each month. The results will be published for those who are not able to attend.


This program helps Agilists, Leaders, and Change Agents learn, discover, and share methods for visual expression and thinking via regular events and workshops on the third weekend of each month. The results will be published for those who are not able to attend.

Unleash Yourself!

This program creates transformational sessions for its participants so that they can truly unleash themselves from their limiting thoughts and look beyond their impediments. This will enable them to live their lives to the fullest and attain their true potential. These sessions run every fourth weekend of the month and hosts speakers who have unleashed themselves and know how others can also do it.