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Agile Alliance grants free use of these logos where appropriate. Agile Alliance retains the right to restrict use to members or individuals and groups who have a predefined relationship with the organization. If you need a print-quality version of our logo, please contact us.

Agile Alliance Logo

Official Logo

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Corporate Member

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Agile Alliance Member Logo

Individual Member

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Agile Alliance Logo Usage Guidelines

The Agile Alliance® logo and trademark are Agile Alliance intellectual property and are important and valuable assets of the organization.

  • Corporate and Individual Members shall not, under any circumstances, use the Agile Alliance logo and/or trademark to create the impression that the purpose of its inclusion is to promote a member’s company, brand, products, and/or services, or to infer that Agile Alliance endorses or approves of any such offerings.
  • Corporate and Individual Members shall not display the Agile Alliance logo alongside or in reference to any products — including but not limited to training courses, training materials, certifications, certificates, books, presentations, and the like — to promote same in any way.
  • Corporate and Individual Members shall not sell or offer any services of any type or by reference to the Agile Alliance organization, its logo, its trademark, or any other confusingly similar mark.
  • Corporate and Individual Member messaging shall not suggest or infer that Agile Alliance is a participant, endorser, or party to any communications via any platform or means — including but not limited to website content, email, telemarketing, social media messaging, brochures, ads, search engine marketing (SEM), and the like.

Usage Notes

  • Do not alter the logo in any way:
    • Do not bevel, emboss, or add a glow around the logo
    • Do not change the logo colors
    • Do not add text to the logo
    • Do not distort the logo proportions
    • Do not tilt or rotate the logo
    • Do not outline the logo
  • Do not use the logo on colored backgrounds
  • Do not place a white box around the logo when placed on busy backgrounds
  • Do not recreate or replace the logo with something else

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