XP 2024 | Bolzano, Italy

The 25th International Conference on Agile Software Development

XP 2024 • Bolzano Italy • June 4-7, 2024

XP is the premier Agile software development conference combining research and practice. It is a unique forum where Agile researchers, practitioners, thought leaders, coaches, and trainers gather to present and discuss their most recent innovations and research results.

At its inception 25 years ago, the XP conference focused solely on eXtreme Programming. It quickly widened its scope to include all modern Agile approaches and Agility’s developing aspects. XP draws people from around the globe, providing a diverse and inclusive environment for learning and inspiring conversations.

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The XP 2024 Call for Submissions

Share observations, hard-fought wisdom, and practical advice about Agile and Lean through a paper and accompanying talk at the XP 2024 conference in Bolzano, Italy. Read more about our new and returning conference tracks, and submit your talk or workshop.

XP 2024 Program Components

XP Coding Team Blues

Research Workshops

A forum for small group discussions to present and discuss results of scientific research and practice, and to explore innovative and cutting-edge topics. Full- and half-day research workshops will take place on Tuesday.

XP Speaker Blue

Experience Reports

Authors of Experience Report share their first-hand experience of challenges faced, approaches taken, and observations and insights gained. These personal stories are are a resource to those who want perspectives on what others are doing and the lessons they have learned along the way in practicing Agile and Lean software development. Experience Reports will be published on the Agile Alliance website.

XP speaker blues

Research Papers

Presentation of research papers on topics across the full spectrum of Agile software development and broader Agile issues of interest to both researchers and practitioners.

XP Workshop

Interactive Track

Next to our planned content programming, XP 2024 will have a full, guided, interactive track aimed at bringing participants together, facilitating networking and shared learning, and making room for everyone to be fully engaged. We will also have a unique Engineering Interactive Track, where we can practice what we preach and build software together throughout the conference in a continuous, ensemble programming, session.

XP coding pair

Industry & Practice

Workshops, demonstrations, and presentations based on the speaker’s experience and practice working in the industry. The theme for these session reflects that of the conference: “Whole Team Sustainability” with main topics  around Leadership and Culture, Engineering, Product and Design, Process Innovation, Agile in Education and Training, and Sustainability

XP Open Access Publication

Open Access Publication

All peer-reviewed academic research presented at the conference will be available on the website as an open access Springer publication. We believe that research is useful to practitioners and should be shared widely, not hidden behind a paywall. There will be two publications, one before and one after the conference, containing research papers and workshop papers.

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