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Agile at Work

Experiences with adapting agile practices to contexts outside of software development.

Agile in the World

Stories about applying Agile practices outside of work.


Practical advice and insights from Agile coaches who help people, teams and organizations improve themselves and their outcomes.


Experiences building a culture that reflects and supports an agile mindset and Agile values and principles.


Stories with a personal touch—insights into how people interact and learn from each other.


Experiences adapting or adopting Agile practices—whether tried and true or new and innovative—to make agility work in different contexts.

Technical Practices

Insights from developers and testers on a variety of topics including how to organize teams, build and deploy code, and ensure the consistency and quality of systems.


A broad range of experiences from many industries and environments, describing the initial, evolving, and long-term challenges of adopting agile at scale.

Experience Reports Curated via Experience Report Initiative

Reports solicited through the Agile Experience Reports initiative on a variety of topics.

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