Principle 12 Initiative

Agile Retrospectives

Running an iteration Agile Retrospective is a common translation of the 12th principle but more often than not those “retros” are ineffective. They’re done just to tick off a box in an agile checklist.

This initiative’s purpose is to raise awareness to make agile retrospectives more purposeful in helping team becoming more effective.

We think Principle 12 is one of the “raison d’être’s” of the alliance.


We want to promote awareness of principle 12 and create feedback stories–where the quality of the experience of software teams and products are improved— so the community can learn from others’ experiences.

Main Activities:

  •  Visit the portal at to read commonly asked questions on effective means to implement principle 12. Once signed up you will be able to leave feedback on the questions, with context of where it worked and where it did not for you.
  • We plan to allow members to post short (video?) stories about successes, and overcoming failure in demonstrating principle 12.
  • Run a quarterly online retro-on-retros where individuals reflect on their retrospectives and what could be improved (

Groups to connect with to amplify what we’re trying to achieve:

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What’s in it for us?

The community will learn success–and overcome failure–stories to enable principle 12. People reading the stories–and their context–will have a better chance to enable principle 12 and avoid common pitfalls.

The community will find out from the Q&A/FAQ what some common misconceptions about principle 12. ( ie. “retros must be 1 hour long” ) and get more context from linked stories.

Principle 12 Infographic

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