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Systemic impact of product development
This post was written as part of the Supporting Agile Adoption program, an Agile Alliance initiative dedicated to supporting organizations and their people to become more Agile. The evolution of product development Product d…
Agile Coach Camp Worldwide is going to Costa Rica
The Agile Coach Camp Worldwide Initiative (ACC-WW) is beginning its 2024 worldwide tour in Costa Rica! As an experiment to increase participation from countries with developing economies, the next two years ACC-WW will be sepa…
Reflections on the Digital Cleanup Gathering 2024
The Agile Sustainability Initiative, aiming continuously to improve the State of Sustainability in Agile (SoSA), invited participants to a Digital Cleanup Gathering on March 15. This was in support of the Digital Cleanup Day with …
SoSA 2023: The State of Sustainability in Agile
Event Session
01:37 - Intro to the Program by Jutta Eckstein08:35 - Journey from Agile to Sustainability by Yifeng Hou36:42 - Getting Real: Moving from Ambition to Action on Sustainability by Jorgen Hesselberg & Matthew Haubrich58:05 - Scen…
Reimagine Agile: Back to Basics, Forward to the Future
In 2001, the “lightweight” methodology community was the size of a marble, while today, it is expansive. In 2001, the internet was just unfolding; today, AI is ascendant. In 2001, the Agile Manifesto had software development in mi…
Sustainability in Focus: Insights from Three Agile Experts
As we encounter numerous large-scale environmental challenges, the Agile community is beginning to focus on the pressing concern of sustainability. In the following Q&A session, we talked with three seasoned members of the …
Agile2024: An Amazing Program Needs Amazing Reviewers
My first year submitting an agile conference abstract must have been quite an adventure for the review team. Even though there were required fields in the system, I had no clue what each of them meant. My brain was swimming with i…
Reflections on Agile2023: Gratitude and hope
Wow! Thank you to all our members, speakers, sponsors, and guests who made Agile2023 another extraordinary Agile conference! More than 20 years after the Agile manifesto was written, our event remains the world’s largest gathering…
Agiledemics – Agile In Academics Initiative
Agiledemics - Agile In Academics Initiative The purpose of the Agiledemics Initiative is to promote Agile education in academics (students and educators in schools, colleges, and universities) through community-based hubs. Unli…
Pride Month Reflections in 2023
This reflection on Pride Month in 2023 is from Agile Alliance Board Chair Heidi Musser I Am I am a human being, wife, daughter, niece, sister, sister-in-law, aunt, friend, neighbor, athlete, Board member, leader, executi…

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