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Agile is a mindset, but anytime you get groups of people working together you eventually need some form of process. Our process resources explore process-related concepts such as scaling Agile, enterprise Agile, government, project management, program management, portfolio management, adoption, and Agile transformation.

An Agile focus on minimalism
Agile’s strength lies in its adaptability and efficiency, yet a crucial principle gets overshadowed – minimalism. Minimalism extends beyond a reduction in size or scope. It’s a philosophy that permeates every aspect of Agile, …
Feature Branching is Evil
Event Session
Feature branching is one of the most commonly accepted practices in the IT industry. It is mainly used to control quality and feature delivery. However, many times, the inverse is true. Branches break the flow of the IT delivery p…
Leveraging ChatGPT to Enhance your Agility
Event Session
In this session, we will explore how to leverage ChatGPT to enhance your Agility by covering the following: What is ChatGPT? Why should I invest in incorporating it into my skill set? Where should I start? What are th…
An Agile focus on value
If you implement Scrum ceremonies, you are technically doing Scrum, but are you embracing an Agile philosophy? Is your team engaged in productive work valued by the stakeholders? What do we mean by productive? We will define pr…
User Story Magic Formula
Event Session
High-quality Agile requirements are more than just user stories. They are visual models, testable acceptance criteria, and the result of collaborative facilitated sessions with your stakeholders and team. Given-When-Then (or Gherk…
Defining an Agile Software Architecture
Event Session
Session Info What is an Agile software architecture? How do architectural considerations relate to both the technical and non-technical aspects of software development? The Agile Manifesto begins by saying, “We are uncoverin…
The Galactic Empire was defeated by WIP
Starting a new project can feel as daunting as taking down a powerful empire headed by a dark force, especially at the beginning when the project’s scope looms over your planning sessions. Yet the instant your team begins break…
Milestone-Kanban: A hybrid project scheduling technique
The Milestone-Kanban Schedule (MKS) is a hybrid project scheduling and management technique that combines traditional and Agile best practices. The technique is well-suited for projects where the required deliverables are clear bu…

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