What Can You Do in 5 Saturdays?

5 Saturdays connects with non-profit organizations and other groups to provide a learning experience for high school and college students in Agility using Scrum and Kanban, blended with career-focused skills in technology and business.

This unique STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Agile, and Math) program emphasizes Agile project-based learning that encourages students to embrace self-directed innovations.

Volunteer professionals serve as learning facilitators and support the student learners to have a positive and productive learning experience during the student workshops.

At the conclusion of the 5 Saturdays program, learning facilitators and students are ready to:

  • Practice Agile life skills
  • Communicate and lead
  • Collaborate in a team to develop a self-organized project
  • Innovate with business and technology disciplines
  • Use job readiness skills

Other benefits include:

  • Increased personal confidence to succeed
  • Skills that are transferable to community and work activities
  • Professional development credits (PDUs or SEUs)

We are proud to partner with Agile Alliance and its members to teach students Agile practices, as well as educate them about technology and business skills.

We encourage you to learn more about 5 Saturdays and opportunities to become a learning facilitator or to start new 5 Saturdays programs in communities globally. Learn more.

KnolShare with Dr. Dave

Check out Dr. Dave Cornelius’s podcast on lean thinking and agility & leadership. It includes interviews with Heidi Helfand, Jurgen Apello, and Vic Bonacci, with discussion topics from agile portfolio, NVC, pair coaching, dynamic reteaming, retrospectives, and more. You’ll find over 30 episodes from 22 to 48 minutes long. Available on iTunes and Google Play under “Knolshare with Dr. Dave”

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