Community Group Support Initiative

Community Group Support Initiative

The purpose of the Community Group Initiative is to provide support to new, active, and struggling local Agile community groups, in order to:

  • Build a stronger learning community of community groups worldwide,
  • Improve the success of community groups in their local communities, and
  • Forge better connections amongst community groups within Agile Alliance.

Main Activities

  • Foster a community of group organizers via a Slack community called “AgileLocalLeaders” for community group leaders to share ideas and special conference events like dinner with friends or onsite meetups.
  • Document and publish community group tips and tricks from some of the most successful community groups in the world.
  • Establish a cooperative community of agile Meetup groups all over the world via Meetup Pro.
  • Provide OnAgile conference passes to growing community groups.
  • Raise awareness of other Agile Alliance initiatives and other resources to help support events of the community group.

Agile Alliance Meetup Pro

Through, we now have the opportunity for Agile Meetup groups to band together in a cooperative community at

We are building the map of agile Meetups across the globe and, through this initiative,  we will invite a select number of groups to join each quarter.


What's in it for you?

  • Agile Alliance will pay your Meetup dues going forward (without changing or adding anything to your group in any way).
  • Your Meetup group, and events, will be shared at our brand new Agile Alliance Community Meetup page at
  • Your Meetup group will gain new audiences and reporting details from other Meetups.


What's in it for the community?

  • One place to see everything that is going on with Agile Meetups.
  • A perspective on the agile Meetup ecosystem that has never before been studied.

The following criteria will be considered when requesting an invitation to the Meetup Pro:

  • Organizer(s) must be active on Agile Local Leaders Slack community
  • Must be a free membership group that anyone can join
  • Groups sole focus should be on agile or lean practices
  • Run at least 1 Meetup a month (not just an annual event type meetup)
  • Represent a specific geography (city, state, province, country)
  • Can not already be part of another Meetup Pro (this is a limitation of Meetup right now and not a restriction per se)

To request an invitation to the Agile Alliance Meetup Pro, join the #meetup_pro channel on Slack.  In exchange for being part of the Meetup Pro, Agile Alliance asks that their logo be displayed as a sponsor on the community group’s website. Groups

See Groups Associated with Agile Alliance

OnAgile Passes for Growing Community Groups

OnAgile is the virtual conference put on by Agile Alliance each year. Growing community groups are eligible for up to 5 OnAgile passes while supplies last. When more requests are received than passes available, passes will be distributed based on community group organizer participation (like offering tips and best practices) in the Slack community.

The following criteria will be considered when requesting OnAgile passes:

  • The community group has >50 members.
  • The community group holds two or more free events per month.
  • The community group has a web presence which demonstrates their membership count and shows event history.

To request OnAgile passes for your growing community group, join the #onagile channel on Slack.

In exchange for OnAgile passes, Agile Alliance asks that their logo be displayed as a sponsor on the community group’s website.