Initiative Purpose

The purpose of this initiative is to assist economically emerging countries with affordable access to premium Agile events and speakers. In economically emerging countries, major city centers host local Agile conferences with ticket prices targeted at large corporates. Many individual practitioners are excluded due to location, the size of the company they work for, or for financial reasons.

This initiative will provide funding to reduce the cost of bringing events to the local community. The intention is to build on local Agile knowledge and experience by:

  • Providing an opportunity to learn that is not bound to a commercially motivated event, e.g. conference or training.
  • Increasing knowledge sharing between the local and international Agile community.
  • Affording underserved communities access to international speakers and the broader Agile community.

Click here to view a list of economically developing countries.

South Africa will pilot this initiative and document the learning and guidelines. These can be used by other emerging economies for future initiatives. The Emerging Economies (South Africa) initiative committee will be volunteers from a diverse group of local communities as well as regions.

Main Activities 

Note: Agile Alliance will not endorse speakers. They will assist with financial support of the event to make it “as accessible and free as possible” to the local community.

  • Host 2 speaker events per year in cities that do not currently host Agile conferences, i.e. Pretoria and Durban. While these are major cities, they are currently “underserved” by Agile conferences and community events.
  • The events can be a half-day or full-day workshop, Open Space event, or similar.
  • Events will be arranged in partnership with existing local community groups to maximize the reach of the event as well as the diversity of material covered.
  • Potential local communities in Pretoria: SUGSA (Scrum User Group of South Africa), Pretoria Junior Developers, HackerNest Pretoria, Developer User Group Pretoria.
  • Potential local communities in Durban: Durban Agile User Group, IIBA (International Institute of Business Analysis), Durban DevOps Group.
  • Where possible, we will use venues suited to the local community, e.g. Tshwane University of Technology situated in Shoshunguve on the outskirts of Pretoria (this university serves a large number of ICT students from a disadvantaged background).
  • Speakers will collaborate with a local community member or members (with a strong focus on race, age and gender diversity). This is to ensure knowledge transfer and general advancement of the local community. E.g. a local community member will be the Open Space Facilitator or will co-facilitate the workshop.
  • Speakers can use their time in the country to present at other local meetup events to ensure greatest reach to the local community.

After each event, new knowledge will be created for the broader local and Agile Alliance community in the form of:

  • A recorded broadcast and/or a report published on the Agile Alliance website and/or a blog (written by the local co-facilitator of the event) published on the Agile Alliance website
  • Learning and guidelines for use by other emerging economies.
  • Marketing help provided by advertising the event on the Agile Alliance website