Ricardo Abella Sarmiento

Ricardo Abella

A Colombian living in Washington, DC. Enterprise Agile Coach (last 8 years), Agile-PMO builder (previous 7 years), traditional Project Manager (a long time ago) –a journey through retail, utilities, energy, engineering, insurance and finance. Passionate about: 1) Human behavior, 2) Systems thinking, 3) Organizational change, 4) Growing the bottom line. A strong believer in the power of people and culture --the most important innovation assets an enterprise can possibly have. Obsession with figuring out what is next for teams, departments and organizations. Community: Help the Agile Alliance’s Emerging Economies Initiative, the Worldwide Agile Coach Camp, and the Agile Conference of Washington, DC. Lead the agile-thoughts.com project. agile-thoughts.com | www.linkedin.com/in/abellar/