Angie Doyle

They say that change is the only constant. I don’t think I have ever minded change. Growing up in a country like South Africa (rooted in inequality and injustice - and more recently in significant transformation, reform and conflict), you learn to embrace diversity and change.I also don’t mind changing. Over the course of my career, I have shifted from working face-to-face with customers (Operations), to articulating what customers need (Business Analysis and Process Engineering), to working with teams delivering the solution (Product Development / Ownership), to evolving ways to deliver the solution (Agile software development at a team and organisational level), to improving collaboration of teams working together (Team coaching & scaling). This was driven by my obsession to deliver high-quality solutions that people need... faster!Through all this, I have come to value working with people the most. I love that human beings are complex creatures and none of us come with the same operating manual! Sometimes we work well together, sometimes we don’t. And that is where true creative potential lies.I strive to create delivery focused environments where: - Exceptional performers are the new normal - Individuals and teams share accountability for achieving goals - There are high levels of team morale and trust - Conflict is constructive - There is clarity on roles and who does what - There is a strong customer-centric focusMy specialisations include: Organisational and team coaching | Agile/ Lean/ Kanban training, mentoring and coaching | Facilitation (visual) | Product discovery and development | Team and product kick-offs | Business Analysis and Process Engineering.