This policy is intended to support organizers of conferences — that promote the concepts of agile software development — who seek sponsorship from the Agile Alliance. This policy does not apply to conferences that are run by the Agile Alliance.


To be eligible for sponsorship, a conference should include at the equivalent of at least one full day of sessions with an agile theme. The Agile Alliance may support the conference by promoting the event on the Agile Alliance website and in at least one email news to our members. The Agile Alliance may support conference finances by an amount up to 750 USD or Euros. The Agile Alliance may also be able to offer advice to organizers of new conferences.

In addition, events that are being launched for the first time could be granted additional funding up to 3000 USD or Euros providing budget and non-profit arrangements are reviewed by program committee. The conference organizers are expected to display the Agile Alliance logo on the conference website (front page and sponsors page) with an associated click-though to Any organization (commercial or non-profit) may submit a request to the Alliance for sponsorship of a conference. Requests for sponsorship should be made by submitted by supplying the details listed on the application form by email

Factors in Determining Sponsorship

Requests must be approved by a simple majority vote by members of the Conference Sponsorship Program, which shall include at least three members. Votes may be held by phone or email. No program member may vote on sponsorship for any conference that they are involved in organizing. In making their decision, program members will consider, among other factors, the following items:

  • The current financials of the Agile Alliance
  • The history of the conference
  • The way that agile sessions align with the principles of the Agile Manifesto
  • The non-profit status of Agile Alliance


Effective Date

This program was approved by the Board of Directors on August 17, 2004 and will remain in effect until terminated by the Board of Directors.

To gain approval, send the request form to the conferences committee (Director: Ola Ellnestam).