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Agile Alliance Elects 2016 Board of Directors

Agile Alliance today announced that its membership has overwhelmingly approved the slate of candidates put forth fo…

AGILE2015 Conference to Host Roundtable Discussion with Leading Industry Analysts

Top industry analysts will gather together during AGILE2015 to discuss the latest Agile trends and best practices.
Agile Technical Conference 2016 - April 7-9, 2016 in Raleigh, NC


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The Tear That Changes a Thousand Launches Amanda Stockwell recalls a project that illustrates the Golden Rule of UX: we’re not our users, so we must constantly put ourselves in their shoes.

Agile Alliance: 2015 Highlights Agile Alliance Board Chair Rebecca Parsons reflects on the objectives we set for this year and how we have achieved them by addressing the needs of our community.

How to Improve the Speedboat Retrospective Mark Loeffler describes how applying solutions-focused thinking to the speedboat retrospective helps teams focus on the positive instead of the negative.

Phantom Product Owners, Franken-Agile and Other Scaries You Want to Avoid Alan Dayley looks at scary things in your company culture and processes, and what you can do to mitigate them.

Agile2015 Interview: Larry Maccherone on Agile Metrics Dave Prior interviews Larry Maccherone of AgileCraft, who shares his expertise on Agile metrics and discusses his two sessions at the conference.

What is Scrumban? Savita Pahuja explains how the hybrid platform, which combines features of Scrum and Kanban, can help improve effectiveness.

How Agile Goes Bad, Blame, and Options How does Agile go bad? One way is when people are blaming others and avoiding tough conversations. Jake Calabrese illustrates why you need a protocol to address these challenges.

Moving Beyond MVP: Feedback, Features and Pricing You've built a minimum viable product (MVP), that's great! But now what? Feature prioritization and pricing can make or break your product. Geoff Wilson explains how to do it right.

More On Why Managers Hate Agile In part two of his series, Steve Denning explains why Agile is massively scalable and profitable when well-executed in an organization.

Agile Ecosystems and the Prisoner’s Dilemma

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Non Commercial Events

Agile Boot Camp Loyola University Columbia Campus 11/30/15-12/4/15

Agile Boot Camp and ACP Exam Prep Workshop Toronto, CA 11/14/15-11/28/15

CAS2015 Madrid, Sp 12/3/15-12/4/14

Agile Open Northwest Seattle, Wa 2/3/16-2/5/16

Agile Open San Diego San Diego, Ca 2/25/16-2/26/16

Agile Alliance Technical Conference Raleigh, NC 4/7/16-4/9/16

Commercial Events

Certified Agile Business Analyst Berlin, Germany - 11/27/15

Agile Leadership and Self-organization Training Budapest, Hungary 12/2/15

Certified ScrumMaster Costa Mesa, CA 12/7/15-12/8/15

Jeff Sutherland Certified Scrum Master Training Heidelberg 12/7/15-12/8/15

Certified Scrum Product Owner Costa Mesa, CA 12/9/15-12/10/15

Certified  Scaled Agile/ Leading SAFe Training 12/10/15-12/11/15

PMI-ACP (Agile Certified Practitioner) Portland, Or 1/30/16-2/13/16

Agile2015 Videos

Visit the Video Learning Center to view more than 40 full-length sessions from Agile2015.

Agile2015 Industry Analyst Panel
Agile Trends and Future Directions
15w_x6_spacer.png Keynote_Shternshus.png
KEYNOTE: Individuals, Interactions and
Improvization - Jessie Shternshus
KEYNOTE: Awesome Superproblems
Luke Hohmann
KEYNOTE: Want Better Collaboration?
Don't be so Defensive! - James Tamm

Agile2015 Video Podcasts


Check out these video podcasts from agile2015 on our Vimeo channel!

A collection of great interviews with thought leaders that will enhance your understanding of Agile.

Thank You for Making Agile2015 a Great Success!

We extend our deep appreciation to all of our Attendees, Speakers and Sponsors who make our annual conference the best in the world.

It was an extraordinary week!
We welcomed over 2,300 Agile professionals to Agile2015.  Agile Developers, Executives and Teams, Managers, Coaches and Consultants came to Washington D.C. to collaborate and learn from experts and thought leaders that share their passion.  We were delighted to offer over 200 sessions, insightful keynotes along with a host of social and networking events during this exciting week of Agile exploration. 

We want to acknowledge our Agile2015 Conference Chair, Paul Hammond, his Program Team, Track Chairs and the numerous submissions reviewers that worked tirelessly to create this year's world-class Program.  And a special thanks to our event team and the many volunteers that worked behind the scenes to make this conference happen.

We sold out early this year.
Please plan on attending Agile2016, in Atlanta, GA, USA. Save the dates July 25-29, 2016.

Looking for Agile2015 Session Materials? Check out the Agile2015 Program under each session description. Click Here


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