Services for the Community

The cornerstone of Agile principles and practices is community.
Below are some ways that Agile Alliance helps Agile communities.

Support for Community Groups

Community Group Support Initiative

The Community Group Initiative provides support to new, active, and struggling local Agile community groups.

Speaker Reimbursement Initiative

Supporting agile-oriented users’ groups by offering them grants that can be used to reimburse speakers traveling to events if the user group can’t find sponsorship from any other source.

Support for Community Events

Agile Coach Camp Support Initiative

Helping improve the skills of Agile Coaches so that they are well equipped to help organizations and their teams effectively apply Agile values and principles in their work.

Agile Open Initiative

Supporting and encouraging Open Space Technology (OST) events in the Agile software arena.

Conference Sponsorship Initiative

Supporting organizers of non profit conferences that promote the concepts of Agile software development.

Additional Initiatives

Agile Alliance 5 Saturdays

5 Saturdays Inititative

5 Saturdays connects with non-profit organizations and other groups to provide a learning experience for high school and college students in Agility using Scrum and Kanban, blended with career-focused skills in technology and business.

Agile Project Management Initiative

The Agile Product Management Initiative’s vision is to be the leading forum for learning, sharing, and promoting the application of Agile principles and practices to product management so we can make better products in better ways.

Business Agility Staff Initiative

This Agile Alliance staff initiative is focused on the support of our members by identifying and sharing methods to amplify the proper adoption of the Agile mindset and methods in the enterprise.

Emerging Economies Initiative

The purpose of this initiative is to assist economically emerging economies with affordable access to premium Agile events and speakers.

Supporting Agile Adoption Inititave

This program brings together practitioners who address the organizational change aspect of agile adoptions.

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Member Dues are Increasing March 1, 2024

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