Experience Reports

Experience Report Program - 2014 Experience Reports

  • One Bug Per Month.pdf by Patkós Csaba tells of the agile journey of a team at Syneto, a company based in Romania. Over a period of 4 years they shifted from a waterfall process to an agile one. More important to their continuing success, they became an organization that is ever open to change, improvement and continuous  learning.
  • Actionable Metrics At Siemens Health Services.pdf by Daniel Vacanti and Bennet Vallet.  This report study details how a shift from traditional agile metrics (Story Points, Velocity) to actionable flow metrics (Work In Progress, Cycle Time, Throughput) reduced Cycle Times, increased quality, and increased overall predictability at Siemens Health Services.
  • No Way Agility in the Federal Government.pdf by Brandon Raines and Judy Neher. This report describes the road taken to transform a major government organization using Agile, Lean and Scrum principles, practices and techniques.
  • Tearing Down the Walls: Embedding QA in a TDD/Pairing and Agile Environment.pdf by Stephanie Savoia describes how Marchex, Inc., evolved from a traditional waterfall process with a separate QA group, to an agile one where QA and Devs work together on the same team.

Agile2014 Conference Experience Reports