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Agile Tech Talks (formerly deliver:Agile) is a series of virtual sessions that explore technical topics and focus on how to support Agile practitioners and grow good Agile engineering practices in remote settings. We’re keeping the spirit of the deliver:Agile conference, and turning it into an ongoing series of talks and workshops. Agile Tech Talks sessions are free to attend for Agile Alliance members or just $29 for non-members.

Upcoming Agile Tech Talks Sessions

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What can I expect?

Each Agile Tech Talks event will feature technical experts who are leading the way in implementing Agile technical practices and thinking to improve software delivery.

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Who Should Attend?

Whether your interests and expertise are in coding, testing, data wrangling, UI/Ux, or leading technical delivery teams, Agile Tech Talks is designed to help you learn more about improving technical excellence in software delivery.

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Are there any costs?

Agile Tech Talks sessions are now FREE for all Agile Alliance members. We briefly ran an experiment to make this a subscription series, but it’s now a member benefit.

Agile Tech Talks On-Demand Content

If you’re an Agile Alliance member, you can view content from past Agile Tech Talks Sessions. Not yet a member? Learn more about the many benefits you gain while supporting our non-profit mission.

Getting Things Done with Mob Programming
Andy Kwong, Rei Pamintuan, Aaron Griffith, and Austin Chadwick share not only horror stories of things not getting done in their past, but also joyous stories of things actually getting done today – with Mob Programming.
Security – Past, Present, Future
In this panel, we explored the history of security and Agile technical practices. We also looked to the future to consider the possibilities of how Agile technical practices and security can and will evolve together.
A New Age of XP
In this event, we turn towards the future of XP and Agile technical practices in a panel with some expert practitioners who are moving the industry forward in a variety of ways.

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