Working with our members we changed the industry, and we’re just getting started!

During the last two decades, our members have helped make work more effective, humane, and sustainable by applying the Agile mindset and methods.

More Effective

More Effective

Agile Alliance members have applied Agile values and principles to match the pace of the complex delivery of high-value solutions. We’re proud of our role in building a vibrant community of talented people who share ways to respond to change and create better business outcomes. As a result, members have created:

  • Thousands of resources to enable others to adopt Agile
  • Countless experience reports and articles
  • A strong network of global and community events
  • More effective business processes and technical practices
More Humane

More Humane

Agile values and principles play a critical role in building products and creating a diverse and equitable environment in which to innovate. Agile Alliance members have applied Agile thinking and practices to complex socio-economic issues around the world, such as ways to:

  • Build diversity, inclusion, and equity in our workplaces
  • Share Agile resources and events in emerging economies
  • Help organizations rapidly adapt and respond to crises
  • Explore ethical issues in our work, establishing a code of professional conduct
More Sustainable

More Sustainable

We recognize that Agile plays a crucial role in building a resilient and sustainable way of working to create positive economic, social, and environmental outcomes. Our members are building a strong future by developing ways to:

  • Build a new generation of Agile fluent leaders
  • Support academic adoption of Agile
  • Explore how Agile can improve society and the environment
  • Evolve Agile to meet the modern needs of the workplace

Everything starts with our members!

Helping others to apply Agile is at the foundation of the Agile Manifesto. That stewardship was the catalyst for the creation of Agile Alliance and our community. Since our formation, we have grown into one of the largest global communities focused on helping each other learn and practice Agile.

Agile Alliance Members

This is YOUR Alliance!

Helping others to apply Agile is at the foundation of the Agile Manifesto. That stewardship was the catalyst for the creation of Agile Alliance and our community. Since our formation, we have grown into one of the largest global communities focused on helping each other learn and practice Agile.

“I want to encourage everyone to consider joining the Agile Alliance, and support the one and only independent group whose sole focus is maintaining the original intent, focus, and spirit of the Agile Manifesto. Nobody else does it better!”
– Bob Galen, Agile Coach and Consultant
“Through my Agile Alliance membership, I’msupporting Agile all over the world. A lot of folks don’t realize just how many community eventsthat Agile Alliance supports and subsidizes.”
– Doc Norton, On Belay
“Membership for me is easy math – whether I’m going to the conference, in which case it literally pays for itself, or just taking advantage of the materials on their website. There’s always a talk I want to rewatch or a whitepaper I want to reread to help me witha thorny problem today”
– Cheryl Hammond
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Just some of our Corporate Supporting Member organizations

Agile Alliance Team Work Diversity

Valuable benefits for both individuals and organizations

When you join, you’re not just supporting our mission, you also gain access to an extensive library of Agile resources like research papers, event presentations, and videos that can inform your work and enhance your career. As a corporate member, you not only gain these benefits for your employees, but you stand among industry leaders who champion Agile values and principles and who value creating effective, humane, and sustainable workplaces.

Becoming a member brings you the world!

We bring the Agile community together on an international scale. As a member of Agile Alliance, you’re connected to a global community of people working to improve the world by improving the way people work. Our global reach allows you to draw on ideas and expertise from across the globe, exposing you to diverse perspectives and solutions. Our events, resources, and network invite you to explore new approaches and apply Agile thinking to build outstanding business outcomes.

Agile International Meetings

Access thousands of Agile resources, events, and communities

Looking for business agility resources or an on-demand video on mob programming? Or maybe you want to join a local Agile community group to talk about coding patterns or agile coaching skills? Check out our constantly growing online library of public and member resources.

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Specific benefits for Individual and Corporate Supporting Members

Get conference discounts

Agile Alliance conferences are legendary for their great speakers, invaluable networking opportunities, irreplaceable community bonding experiences, interesting workshops, and great social events. As a Member, you can save as much as $750 on one conference alone!

View Conference Videos

While there’s no substitute for actually attending one of our conferences, the next best thing is watching videos of the sessions. Agile Alliance members get access to members-only Conference Event Session presentations and other video content.

View Research Papers

As an Agile Alliance Member, you have access to our collection of in-depth research papers. Published in conjunction with IEEE, these are for you!

Promote events and classes

Do you offer Agile training classes or conferences? As a Corporate Supporting Member, you can list your event on our website to get the word out to the greater Agile community.

Create a Member Initiative

Have an idea to support the Agile Community but need some help? As a Member, you can create an Agile Alliance Initiative and pursue your goals with the input of a vast network of Agile professionals.

Market your books

Have you written a book on an Agile topic or theme? As a Corporate Supporting Member, you can post your book in our Member Bookstore and have it viewed by a highly-targeted Agile audience.

Join our thriving community of Agile professionals

Your membership enables Agile Alliance to offer a wealth of first-rate resources, present renowned international events, support global community groups, and more — all geared toward helping Agile practitioners reach their full potential and deliver innovative solutions. Help our community by joining today!

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