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What is Agile Alliance and What Does it Do?

Agile Alliance is a global non-profit membership organization founded on the Manifesto for Agile Software Development. We support people and organizations who explore, apply and expand Agile values, principles, and practices.

Our membership consists of a thriving and diverse community of more than 90,000 people who share those interests. Our members, volunteers, and staff enable the Alliance to provide a global set of resources, events, and communities to help people reach their full potential and deliver innovative solutions like never before.

Agile Alliance undertakes a variety of activities to build an inclusive global community, advance the breadth and depth of Agile, and provide value to members. Those activities include:

  • Conferences that bring the Agile community together face to face
  • A website full of information about Agile and the Agile Community
  • Membership that provides access to valuable resources created by community members
  • Initiatives that address specific areas of interest in the Agile Community and provide support for Local Community Groups

Origins of Agile Alliance

The group of seventeen people that gathered in Snowbird Utah February 11 – 13, 2001, and crafted the Manifesto for Agile Software Development referred to themselves as the Agile Alliance.

Later that year, some of the original authors as well as some additional people saw the benefit of a more permanent organization. As a result, they formed Agile Alliance as a nonprofit organization to disseminate information about Agile.

When Agile Alliance was created, all the work occurred through initiatives that ran independently apart from quarterly oversight by its volunteer board. The showcase of the Alliance’s work has been its set of conferences focused on bringing the Agile community together to share ideas and experiences.

As the Agile community has grown and Agile Alliance activities have expanded, the organization brought on board staff to provide ongoing stability while still supporting the independent nature of the initiatives that provide multiple benefits.

The original authors of the Manifesto for Agile Software Development view themselves as having “launched the ship” of Agile software development by writing the Agile Manifesto and starting Agile Alliance but have been happy to let the ship sail and for leadership to spread far beyond the original authors.

Agile Alliance Global Affiliates

Agile Alliance forms affiliations in order to provide Agilists localized benefits for their communities. Your region of the world might also benefit from a combination of global and local support. If you have a core group of people who have the passion, ability, and capacity to create and maintain an ongoing organization and are interested in becoming an affiliate, let us know.

Agile Alliance Brazil is a nonprofit association created with two objectives: to give administrative support to Agile Alliance Brazil events and to promote actions to develop the Brazilian Agile community. This structure enables initiatives that consolidate the adoption of Agile methodologies in the country’s software industry.

Agile Alliance New Zealand is a nonprofit society incorporated under New Zealand law as an affiliate of the global Agile Alliance. The organization provides support for Agile initiatives on the ground in New Zealand.

Agile Alliance Membership

You can become an individual member of Agile Alliance to support the ongoing activities of the organization, gain full access to all available content from past conferences, and get member rates for Agile Alliance events.

Organizations can support the Agile community and provide their employees access to the benefits of Agile Alliance membership through corporate membership.

See our full listing of Individual and Corporate Membership benefits.

Agile Alliance Conferences

One of the main activities of Agile Alliance is organizing conferences for Agile practitioners worldwide. The annual Agile20xx Conference, for example, is the largest Agile conference in the world. Agile Alliance also hosts other conferences around the world throughout the year.

You can see a lineup of scheduled conferences here.

Agile Alliance Initiatives

Member Initiatives are the primary mechanism through which Agile Alliance accomplishes member objectives that advance the state of Agile practices worldwide.

Initiatives are projects which are proposed, implemented, and administered by Agile Alliance members or staff.

Member-proposed initiatives are voted on by the Agile Alliance Board after undergoing a shepherding process designed to support initiative chairs with the fine-tuning of their proposals. Proposals can be submitted at any time by visiting our Initiatives page.

Proposed Initiatives are evaluated based on how they support Agile Alliance’s value dials:

  • Build an inclusive global community
  • Provide value to our member community
  • Advance the depth and breadth of Agile
  • Increase brand awareness


Building a healthy, vital, and growing community is a top priority at Agile Alliance. We seek to support the growth of Agile practices worldwide by supporting community-building at the local level. Community group leaders can take advantage of specifically targeted initiatives such as Community Group Support, Speaker ReimbursementConference Sponsorship, and Agile Coach Camp to name a few. Community groups can request a listing on the community group directory page. Group leaders may request to join the community group support initiative Slack channel to find camaraderie and support from peers working to create and sustain Agile-focused community groups worldwide.

The People Behind Agile Alliance

Our Volunteers

Agile Alliance depends heavily on the many volunteers that contribute to the community in numerous ways. If you are interested in volunteering, you can find information here.

Agile Alliance Staff

Our team also contributes to the success of Agile Alliance by handling many of the day-to-day activities. You can learn more about them here.

Agile Alliance Board

Agile Alliance is governed by a rotating volunteer Board of Directors. You can view the current Board members here.

Agile Alliance Code of Conduct

Agile Alliance seeks to ensure a respectful, safe, and inclusive environment for everyone whenever they are engaged in Agile Alliance activities.

To that end, we have created a Code of Conduct that everyone must read and adhere to.

Help support our mission

Our important work is made possible by our members – both at the individual and corporate levels, as well as sponsorships and the contributions of individuals and institutions.

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Your membership enables Agile Alliance to offer a wealth of first-rate resources, present renowned international events, support global community groups, and more — all geared toward helping Agile practitioners reach their full potential and deliver innovative, Agile solutions.

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