The Agile Product Management Initiative’s vision is to be the leading forum for learning, sharing, and promoting the application of Agile principles and practices to product management so we can make better products in better ways. We energize, enlighten, and exemplify the co-creative and collaborative core of Agile principles through the way we gather.
Our mission is to deliver volunteer-led events such as meetups and conferences that are fueled by the participants themselves. We use tested and experimental techniques which allow the community to set the agenda, exchange as peers, build our network, engage in deep peer-to-peer-learning, and expand our knowledge and skills. In so doing, we elevate our capacity to deliver product that please our customers, satisfy our sponsors, build collaborative product communities, and change the world through great products that matter.

In 2017 we plan to:

  • Launch Agile Product Open Conference globally by starting with a full day event in South Africa (spring/early summer 2017).
  • Launch Agile Product Open Gathering (full day event) in Europe, e.g. London, Zurich, Frankfurt.
  • Extend the Agile Product Open in Boston to include a regular evening community gatherings/meetups that use participatory techniques. (This is in addition to the full day Open Space event), (e.g. 6-9 times/year).
  • Establish a framework to replicate Agile Product Open communities in other locations (in addition to South Africa), e.g. Europe.

Event Output