The purpose of this initiative is to support and encourage Open Space Technology (OST) events in the Agile software arena. (See Open Space.)

Agile Open Initiative Event Sponsorship Policy

This policy is intended to support organizers of Open Space Technology (OST) events — that promote the concepts of Agile software development — who seek sponsorship from the Agile Alliance. This policy does not apply to conferences that are run by the Agile Alliance.

To request sponsorship, fill out the request form. (Please log in to access the form link.)


The Initiative will utilize the following prerequisites when considering a request for sponsorship:

  • The event is a stand-alone and not associated with, connected to or part of another event
  • organizing committee and/or participants include Agile Alliance members
  • not-for-profit event
  • community inspired and organized (such as by geography or agile process)
  • adheres to the founding Open Space Technology principles and practices, including the involvement of an experienced OST facilitator and having a Theme
  • participants are free from sponsor intrusion; if sponsors have a presence at the event, participants have a “pull” relationship with them rather than a “push” from sponsors
    • event size is 20 – 200
    • event length is at least one day, longer preferred


The Agile Open Initiative may provide sponsorship in several ways: Media – event promotion on the Agile Alliance website and in at least one email Newsletter to our members. Operational – mentoring and tool support for event organizers:  tips on how to find an OST facilitator, space calculator tool, event materials (OS posters in various languages), etc. Financial – the Agile Open Initiative may support event finances by an amount up to 750 USD.

In addition, events that are being launched for the first time may be granted additional funding up to 1500 USD providing budget and non-profit arrangements are reviewed by the initiative committee. Event organizers are expected to display the Agile Alliance logo on the event website (front page and sponsors page) with an associated click-through to www.agilealliance.org. Any non-profit organization may submit a request to the Alliance for sponsorship of a conference. Requests for sponsorship should be made by completing the application form and submitting it to aoinitiative@agilealliance.org.

Factors in Determining Sponsorship

Requests must be approved by a simple majority vote by members of the Agile Open Initiative, which shall include at least three members.  Votes may be held by phone or email.  No initiative member may vote on sponsorship for any conference that they are involved in organizing.

In making their decision, initiative members will consider, among other factors, the following items:

  • the current financials of the Agile Alliance
  • the history of the conference
  • the non-profit status of Agile Alliance

Agile Open Sponsorship Request Form

Agile Open Sponsorship Request Form

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