AGILEUXModel – Towards a Reference Model on Integrating UX in Developing Software using Agile Methodologies


This paper presents a maturity model for integrating agile methods and user experience in the software development cycle that may be suitable for small companies. The proposal is in line with CMMI, MPS.BR and ISO18529. The model focuses on the first level of maturity where seeks to establish a standard process within an organization by defining agile practices, principles, techniques and artifacts of user experience. It also offers guidelines on how to integrate practices that are important for the evolution of maturity in order to evolve to more advanced levels. The preliminary model was verified by panels of experts. Future studies will be conducted so as to extend the model and do so by detailing other process levels and conducting action research at companies with experience in the maturation of process of integrating user experience into the software development cycle with CMMI and/or MPS.BR certifications.

Angela Peres1, Tiago Da Silva3, Fernando Selleri Silva1, Felipe Furtado Soares1,2, Carlos Rosemberg4, Silvio Meira1,2
1 Universidade Federal de Pernambuco (UFPE), Brasil
2 C.E.S.A.R – Centro de Estudos e Sistemas Avançados do Recife
3 UNIFESP – Universidade Federal de São Paulo, Brasil
4 Instituto Atlântico, Fortaleza, Brasil