Sources: deliver:Agile 2019

Embracing Cloud
In this lightning talk, I will capture the “milestone based approach” of using six ‘R’s to transition an enterprise software platform from onprem to cloud. Using an agile approach, each […]
Do you need Personal Agility to Deliver?
Seven Agilities – namely, Change, Education, Political, Emotional, Cerebral, Learning and Outcomes Agility becomes a transformational path to achieving your industry benefits. Bringing insights into this arena of the agile […]
Programming Mental Models
Among the things that mental models help individuals in are chess, memorizing numbers, playing sports and performing music. Come and hear about some mental models that I’ve discovered that we […]
Techniques for Paired Programming
Pair programming is a complex practice requiring skill to master. There are many resources on pair programming, but sometimes engineers are dropped into a pairing session with little preparation and […]

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