Sources: Experience Report

When used purposefully and properly, assessments inform continuous improvements. Assessing an organization through their transformation, however, is not a one-time job, nor it is a “one size fits all.” This […]
This is a conversation with Chris Lucien, from Hunter Industries. As you listen in, you’ll hear Chris challenge us to experiment, even when some of those experiments will fail. (If they […]
After many years of working as a product owner, I embarked on my first project partnering with a user experience team. Throughout this project I’ve begun to understand the value from user testing during development and the extent of the bias in my own design work.
This experience report tells its story of how the local business and entrepreneurial community requested it during an agile meeting process, and how volunteers and non-profits got it launched with support from the University of Montana.
Mob Programming was conceived of at Hunter Industries in 2011. We were a small, highly successful team. Then we grew. This report is about how over the past year we grew […]

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