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“A challenge with a microservice architecture is deciding and evolving the boundaries of each microservice.

I will talk about building an architecture based on the “”rapids, rivers, ponds”” model with an event bus.

Each service listens for, and submits, anything of “”interest”” to the bus.

Things of interest should be events and actions that people and systems perform.

This can be supported by having empathy for customers, external and internal, and building services to support them.”

About the Speaker(s)

Declan Whelan, Declan is an agile consultant, co-founder of Leanintuit and a director at the Agile Alliance. Declan works with organizations to improve their products and services through agile and lean practices. His personal mission is to change the conversation around technical debt. Rather than viewing is a technical problem to be fixed we need to view it as valuable feedback of the health of our organizations. We can use these health checks to improve our product and service delivery.