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Reimagining Agile (Session One)

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This event occurred on February 13, 2024. There were two sessions with the same panel. This is a recording of the first session. You can find the second session here. Below is the original announcement.

Refreshing, extending, and making Agility accessible to all

The Agile community has modernized software development and more; maybe it’s time to turn our transforming and reimagining skills inward, taking stock of the changes in our world since 2001. The Agile Manifesto set a movement in motion. But it was written in the context of those times.

Let’s reimagine Agile by clarifying and strengthening Agile fundamentals, making them more accessible to everyone. Agile needs to be extended to respond to the relevant issues in 2024 and beyond.

Reimagining Agile Website

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Speaker(s) may be willing to present this session at local group meetings and other events.

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