Sources: Agile2023

Sustainable Agility
You spend the majority of your waking hours at work; how do you feel after a long workday? Do you feel energized or drained by the hours you spend and […]
Communicating Change Made Easy
All change management models stress the importance of communication. Communicate, communicate, communicate, they say, almost like a mantra. They’re right. But exactly how can you and your team do that? […]
Scrum meets Org. Design
You started your agile journey with a couple of Scrum teams, and after an exciting success, scaling started to happen. Now you have several squads, organized in tribes or trains […]
You Need a Product Office
We all understand projects. They start and they end. Hopefully close to when we hoped they would and for about the same cost. But products work differently and Agile is […]
Business Thermodynamics
The lean community has come a long way in understanding flow in manufacturing and design. Yet, despite understanding flow and how to address it, we still see organizations that are […]

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