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Make accessibility advocacy part of your everyday practice 

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Imagine being able to reach more users and increase the value of your application and products by making the most of the accessibility best practices. Does that sound like a win-win?
There are many reasons that a team may not plan to incorporate and test for accessibility in an application but what is it costing your business? How many users do you lose because they do not see value in your product because they are unable to use your application or find it difficult to get things done?

In this session, you will examine how different design choices can impact a disabled person’s ability to interact with technology. You will learn why it is important to have an accessibility advocate on your team and how that person can be you.

Join our session to learn how to become a disability advocate. Identify design choices that may impact people with disabilities. Learn some techniques to address roadblocks that may stand in the way of addressing accessibility. Gain the confidence that you need to become your team’s accessibility advocate.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Recognize why it is important to become an Accessibility Advocate for your team
  • Understand how design choices create challenges for users with disabilities
  • Recognize that we all are only temporally fully enabled and may face our own challenges
  • Learn a few ways that you may address some common usability challenges
  • Have the confidence to be able to address accessibility and not shy away from it

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