Sources: Agile Online

Agile Kata
In this presentation, Joe Krebs focuses on the opportunities the Agile Kata presents to Agile teams and Agile coaches.
Is Agile Sustainable?
The future isn’t certain or predictable. That doesn’t mean we give up and wait for the future to arrive. Instead, we study the future using concepts from future studies, also known as strategic foresight. In this case, we will look at the Future of Agile.
Being Wrong is Great
We share with you the pay-off of embracing a culture where mistakes should happen, and we challenge everything we know in everything we do: getting it right more often and creating a faster value engine in the long run.
Improving Visibility with Dual-Track
Build better products by engaging your engineers sooner in the product development cycle. Product-focused Scrum teams can benefit from the enhanced collaboration that the Dual-Track Agile approach provides.

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