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“I am a senior AGILE professional and have managed lots of small to large projects that were targeted to be done using AGILE! However, so many folks don’t even know what AGILE is, needless to say once you tell team members to estimate their work using story points, they are blown away.

I personally am very passionate about using story points over forecasting how many hours a user story might take.

Two main reasons for using story points (Fibonnacci 0,1,2,3,5,8,13,21):

1) Story points are a measure of complexity and how well you know the submit matter of the user story.
2) If you use hours, management will undoubtedly ask you to measure why the hours estimate did not match reality.

I’m prepared to elaborate both of the point above in great detail and use real life examples so support them.

Additionally, how to use user story points:

1) It is not a measure of time
2) If your points are higher then 5 we may need to have a discussion about splitting the user story or clarifying it.”

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Work with business and IT teams to create state of the art scaleable solutions utilizing AGILE/XP, AWS, Salesforce and the other industry standard technologies.