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Pair programming is a complex practice requiring skill to master. There are many resources on pair programming, but sometimes engineers are dropped into a pairing session with little preparation and expected to just figure it out. Having some tools to help smooth the process can be very useful.

In this lighting talk I’ll give a brief overview of the following techniques and where they work well:
* Ping-pong pairing
* Pomodoro pairing
* Strong Style pairing
* Digging for Gold

About the Speaker(s)

Hi, I'm Mihai, a software developer & manager with experience in a wide range of areas. I'm passionate about creating solutions that solve real problems in elegant ways, both on a technical and user experience level. I care deeply about collaboration, teams, quality, and growth. Many of the software systems being produced today are E-type (embedded), this means that they are not only affected by their environment, but in turn affect that environment. For such systems to thrive, growth and agility must be baked into them. As such, work needs to be optimized for flow efficiency and feedback loops. I'm always searching for new ways to improve my self, my team, and our practices in order to best build and maintain such systems.