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August 7 – 11 | Rosen Shingle Creek | Orlando, FL

Our annual conference is dedicated to furthering Agile principles and providing a venue for people and ideas to flourish. This is where the Agile tribes meet!

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7 Sources of Waste in Automated Testing and How To Avoid Them
Thousands of hours are wasted every year maintaining poorly written suites of automated tests. Not only do these tests slow teams down, they sap morale, and are a huge time sink. By learning what these seven wastes are teams can avoid much of the dys…
Agile’s Future? Skepticism.
There’s some weird stuff going on in the name of “agile” nowadays. Too many pretty promises, eager exaggerations, and misguided misapplications of misunderstood premises make for troubling times. So what is the future of agile? We want to share with …
Brainwriting: The Team Hack To Generating Better Ideas
If you work in an office, your boss has probably forced you into a brainstorming session or two (or 12). Invented in the 1940s by an advertising executive, the purpose was to solicit a large number of ideas in a short period of time. By putting a col…

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