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August 7 – 11 | Rosen Shingle Creek | Orlando, FL

Our annual conference is dedicated to furthering Agile principles and providing a venue for people and ideas to flourish. This is where the Agile tribes meet!

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Creating an Environment for Successful Agile Teams
Some teams seem to have some mysterious chemistry from the beginning. Other teams wallow, bicker, and slog their way to uncertain results. What makes one team soar, and another stumble? It's not just chance. In this session, you'll experience what i…
Introduction to Agile: The Genesis
What is this thing everyone calls Agile? If you have been doing software development a different way your whole career you may be wondering why should I change, what’s so different? In this introductory talk we will define why Agile is more than a pr…
Portfolio Management In An Agile World
When organizations move to agile for software delivery, there is often tension with traditional portfolio management. This talk will illustrate how an organization can move from traditional portfolio management approaches to one that embraces agile s…
Pairing: The Secret Sauce of Agile Testing
Finding time to learn test techniques, mentor other testers, grow application knowledge, and cross-train your team members is a daunting task with a complicated recipe. What if you could do these things while testing and finding bugs? Enter Pair Te…
AMA: Gender and Sexuality
*AMA means Ask Me Anything.* The topic of diversity has exploded in the tech industry, but it's left many questions in its wake. There are new acronyms to learn - what do the A's mean again in LGBTQAA+? People you've known for years are asking you t…
Mastering self-organization
Self-organization is one of the fundamental aspects of agile organizations. Yet it is a challenge and there are lots of myths around it. Some people say: "With self-organization, I lose control totally". Others are happy as they think "Wow! This mea…

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