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Creating can be a tortured process. Sadly, this torture is often self-inflicted. The angst is not inherent in the creative process itself, but instead comes from the fears we have around our ability to produce. These fears manifest as the Inner Critic, which is the largest block to the flow of original ideas. But there’s good news: you can break the power that Inner Critic wields over you to become a creative powerhouse!

In this Agile2017 Keynote, Denise Jacobs begins by exploring the origins of the Inner Critic and helps you discover the tools that you already possess to vanquish it. Then she dives into methods for dealing with the fear of being judged and criticized, how to transform highly critical self-talk into that of approval and encouragement, and ways to feel like your ideas are good enough and stop committing “ideacide.”

By the end, you’ll have a roadmap of how to channel your creativity as a force for positive change in the world. The potential for greatness lies dormant in all of us. Banishing your Inner Critic is the first step to getting back in touch with the highly productive creative badass that you are and sharing your gifts with the world.

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Denise R. Jacobs is a Speaker + Author + Creativity Evangelist who speaks at conferences and consults with companies worldwide. As the Founder + CEO of The Creative Dose, she promotes techniques to unlock creativity and spark innovation in people, teams, and workplaces, particularly those in the tech world. Denise is the author of Banish Your Inner Critic, the premier handbook on silencing fears to unleash creativity.